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  1. High risks (like Rootkit.TDss.Gen) are typically installed without user interaction through security exploits, and can severely compromise system security. Such risks may open illicit network connections, use polymorphic tactics to self-mutate, disable security software, modify system files, and install additional malware. These risks may also collect and transmit personally identifiable information (PII) without your consent and severely degrade the performance and stability of your computer
  2. You should know what you're doing because Malwarebytes' has some false positives from time to time. In my case: Adobe Photoshop and QIP Messenger!! Edit: Yes, Ad-Aware is bloatware
  3. Nice built-in pw list, I think it's time to change the router pw
  4. http://www.virustotal.com/de/analisis/9da4...dec144410ee154b
  5. No problem here, right click scan available with MBAM and resident AV
  6. http://www.malwarebytes.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=7224
  7. AVG 8.0 Free (Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware) with resident protection, and MBAM / SAS on demand. No problems here for many years ... You should also use brain.exe, very important!
  8. Same here: http://www.malwarebytes.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=7225
  9. elero


    FP! http://www.virustotal.com/de/analisis/f13d...5f625fb9585c056 mbam_log_2008_11_01__16_43_38_.txt mbam_log_2008_11_01__16_43_38_.txt
  10. Nosirrah wrote on SSUpdater.com that MBAM has no huge database with old defs. So i think you are right
  11. Thank you for the link melboy, i've been searching for this one
  12. http://ssupdater.com/modules/Forums/index.php?showtopic=3746
  13. All what MBAM has found on my laptop until now: FPs. A newbie could delete some important files, but let's stop here.
  14. Don't forget the FPs MBAM is too overaggressive in my opinion.
  15. elero


  16. I thought MBAM has no DDA functionality? Is it new?
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