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  1. The above is how the conversation with support ended, so I said to resolve it as in they couldn't help (if the app doesn't have a feature for it not much they can do.) As stated, I just came to the community to see if anyone had any other solutions. I will drop the issue and await the Nebula agent to get some updates, and in the meantime manually shut down and turn back on the MWB service on all our endpoints.
  2. No, just Malwarebytes, as well as on the server (network storage) side. One computer was even set up OOB only a month prior to my tests.
  3. The PCs I have been using as a test group are all kept up to date on Windows. And fully powering down also does not fix the issue (I have fully removed power to device.) The simple fact is that just the service stopping and starting on a computer restart/shutdown and me manually stopping and starting it are doing different things. I had quite a controlled test group and have seen it work time and again. Manually shutting down the service is obviously clearing out some kind of cache or something that is causing the slowness, but I couldn't get answers as to what.
  4. They are all endpoints that I can manage from the Nebula WebApp, yes. Which I have not noticed something that can accomplish this. Albeit the Nebula WebApp is quite young as far as I know, and I have already submitted a feature request to maybe have this functionality added.
  5. Already did, but thanks. Best he could do was give me a CMD to run, which didn't work. Above is what he gave me. Sometimes just checking what the masses know is what I figured best at this point. Last resort kinda thing.
  6. I am looking for a way to remotely and efficiently turn off and on Malwarebytes service on our endpoints. Reasoning: There has been general network slowness on most users and, from what I've seen, simply turning off the Malwarebytes service and turning it back on a few seconds later cleared it up. Would love to not have to do this manually at each and every user's desks. Would rather run a command or use the Nebula agent, but have yet to find any help online in the matter.
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