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  1. Oh my... the Wizard is here Congratulations Merijn and MBAM I think 2010 shall be exciting.. Cheers !
  2. A great addition to an already superb staff lineup Congratulations Pieter, and I hope you enjoy the tasks before you. Cheers ! Mark
  3. To Rootschild : Wasn't that clear enough ?
  4. I think they have hit bottom as far as "damage control" goes. There are more posts supporting MBAM and none of their people have anything of substance to say/offer. Can't blame them for moving slow, in the face of such overwhelming evidence. As Swandog pointed out earlier, "stealing" the MBAM database is no easy task, so the "some unexperienced staff may have done this" excuse doesn't cut it ; you don't just open a file or grab the database from this site, no Sir. Someone other than sample collectors decided to do this and now they must face the music. Cheers,
  5. I like to look at the bright side of things : it's never too late to learn Great job Team. :thumbsUp: Cheers,
  6. Hi guys If I remember correctly, "Favorit" is still present in "Add/Remove" even after cleanup with Navilog as well. It's just an orphan. When you try to uninstall, it says it doesn't exist and then you simply remove the entry from the list. HTH Mark
  7. Much appreciated ; thank you I'll let him know and have him run a scan tomorrow. Cheers, Mark
  8. Hi all ; This is from a Toshiba lappy running Vista64 (French). Scan was run a few weeks ago. I don't have access to this laptop (my brother's and he's working in a remote location), so I don't know which database # he ran and I don't have the full log. MBAM is still detecting them as of yerterday : =========== Fichier(s) infect Toshiba.zip Toshiba.zip
  9. Sorry for the delay. My colleague was finally able to get the Quarantine zipped up. Attached below. HTH Mark
  10. A colleague got this from a French machine :
  11. Mark


    It's great to see the site back up, new and improved
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