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  1. Haha ! I knew someone else was there, but I had to try and get in first. I'm the slower one usually Yeah, the IE11 Copy/Paste thing is annoying. IPB blames IE11 (of course), but they finally issued a workaround a few weeks ago for those (owners/admins) interested.
  2. You are suffering from two bugs that have only surfaced recently : 1) IPB forum software has issues with IE11 and Copy/Pasting (there is a Fix available though) and, 2) FF since a few versions back will not allow mixed content to show, unless you tinker in Config or manually allow the content on every visit (click on the little shield icon left of the URL bar and allow content). Katy Perry is getting better and better as a vocalist. Can't look any better, she's the Queen of Pop. And... she doesn't need to hang naked from a wrecking ball to get our attention...
  3. Not a huge Gaga fan myself, but I've enjoyed a few of her songs/performances. Her latest hit reminded me of Christina Aguilera the first time I heard it a while back ; the tone, tempo, style, etc... Wouldn't you know it, guess what happened last week on The Voice : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRd8D1ll7_U Nice promo stunt, considering her latest album isn't doing as well as she would have hoped. Note : Celine Dion also sang on that same night, with Tessanne Chin, who couldn't believe she was onstage with Miss Vegas herself : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9miC8_C2Hw
  4. Windows Explorer got weird with Vista (relatively speaking) and the weirdness made it to 7. There are ways to tweak the way we see things in Explorer so we get something close to the full and simple tree we have/had in XP. Took me a while to set things up to my liking when I switched to Vista. After Vista, 7 was a breeze. I really loved the visual changes/goodies that came post XP though, like Aero. Couldn't look at XP after that
  5. I haven't watched the last few cycles of X-Factor (I can no longer stand Simon...). This girl is good and oh... easy on the eyes too. She missed the big high note in the song "Alone" and that may have cost her big. I remember Carrie Underwood nailing the same song back when she did American Idol ; there is always a risk associated with trying on BIG songs like that. I do watch The Voice though, and I just love the two girls going to the finals next week : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKGmDwlY36U https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=13ZMttopIQg
  6. Huh ? That's 6'3", 275lbs. How can it be that [relatively] light ? With a two kilowatt-hour battery backpack ? No way. Must be 1250Kg (2750lbs) ; now that's more like it lol. Edit. Seems like it's true. That'll teach me...
  7. I'm a winter lover and live a few hundred miles North of there, give or take a few degrees of longitude. It's surprising to see snow on the ground so early on the Niagara region actually. Hope you had packed proper clothing for the trip Amazing shots. So amazing, FireFox crashed unexpectedly while loading all those pixels, haha. My sister-in-law and hubby went back in October and it was actually cooler than normal. They may be able to do ice wine early this year,. Yummy !!
  8. Agreed. I get very critical with pieces like this one. I have heard all the covers of this song YT has to offer and this one, for me, is the closest to the original that I've heard. Bianca Antoinette did the song justice with the group Australian Pink Floyd a few years ago, and then a Polish singer by the name of Ola Bieńkowska gave a slightly more acrobatic but less felt rendition with the cover band Brit Floyd. These two delivered in a way all the guest singers for the real band couldn't over the years, for me anyway. The song is a monster. For fans and the curious, listen to this Clare Torry interview. Remember, she was just hired for a few hours, for this song only :
  9. Oh... almost perfect I mean, Clare Torry created magic back on that Sunday afternoon at Abbey Road studios. An amazing vocal performance. The courts later agreed with Clare that she had also participated in its creation and deserved her share. I agree 100%. This young Brazilian singer has an almost identical tone, throughout the amazing range and passages. For me, no one can beat Clare's warm raspy sound in the quieter moments, but that's just me :-)
  10. It's not friday yet, but I have a classic. Well, it's a cover of a classic. Some songs are almost impossible to replicate and this one fits into that category. I almost fell out of my chair. For those who weren't born, the song was recorded in 1973 and was on Dark Side of the Moon. This Brazilian singer is impressive :
  11. And the Grand Master... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ao1VOMrEuS4
  12. OOOooo... fingerstyle !!! Thank you for that one. I honestly had never heard of Doyle Dykes before. More YouTubin' for me :-))))) My favorites in this genre :
  13. @Ron : I'm a BIG Amy Lee fan as well. Thanks for the vids :-) She's in a league with these singers below, in my book : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4bt_-R5LInU
  14. It's Friday ! Here's another guitar Classic. This made the guy famous. And for a good reason ! Grammy award and all. Crank it UP : ..and yeah, it's on Guitar Hero 3 :-)
  15. Two things they haven't tried : 1) Disk recovery + reinfection + pay ransom (expensive : yes, but if it works...) or, 2) hypnosis on the IT guy, to get the password back (hey, who knows !) Wow...
  16. I must be missing something : "Windows Defender" in XP is not the same one we have in W8 / W8.1, meaning it is just a minimal anti-spyware application. In XP, "Security Essentials" is the available MS antivirus program. Sooo... what's it gonna be ? Are they going to code a new Defender (with AV capabilities) for XP and force install it ? Is it going to be Security Essentials ? Just the old XP Defender (anti-spyware) switched ON ? My guess goes with Security Essentials. And MSE requires XP validation as it stands now, so is MS pushing to force detect pirated copies of XP by installing the antivirus ? Should be an interesting story to follow, if it pans out.
  17. UPS have AGM type batteries in them, which are very good and last roughly 5 years. One needs to have a maintenance plan for those, just like the ones in alarm systems and smoke detectors. Just so we don't forget. As far as a UPS goes, it's pretty easy to tell when the battery is fried because your computer will have shut down after a short electrical event (it should remain On). I guess many will overlook that though. I would think that even a dead battery would *filter* voltage spikes. I have a Crucial M4 and a UPS, so I feel a little better now..
  18. Steve Oliver : I knew I had heard this (or very similar) before. Googled him and it hit me : I saw him live at our local guitar festival last summer. Very good player, nice groove, and he also likes to experiement with different sounds. Just for fun, he played piano for us (on his guitar), which I had never heard before, at least not that realistic. ==== Guitars... Best part of having a guitar festival in a small town is that you have a much better chance of sitting closer to the stage. Like 15 feet away from this guy a few years ago :
  19. "Unplugged" the way I like it...
  20. Nice job Ron ! There goes my theory, up in smoke. I've probably sent three or four old units to the dumpster after they'd stopped working... without testing with new firmware. Oh well, guess I was ready for shiny new toys at that point (but don't tell anyone I like shiny new toys ).
  21. Yep. Same thing with the WPS fiasco. Most users of these devices don't have a clue what firmware is or means. And how are these folks going to be made aware there is a problem ? Heh.. To be honest, I don't see a big interest in exploiting this flaw though, except from some little hackers out to have some fun, maybe. Those who have highly sensitive stuff on their home computers should know well enough to not activate remote administration anyway. But some will get caught with their pants down, it's inevitable..
  22. Hi Ron, Is the unit 5 years old or so ? It could very well be fried. When they just quit, it's usually hardware. DD-WRT mini should work on that unit, if it's got some life left in it
  23. The WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) flaws discovered last year (give or take) are just as serious as this, if not more. I had to update firmware on I can't remember how many Linksys routers when that story broke. It wasn't only Linksys routers that were affected. Turning WPS Off wasn't enough. How many routers are still out there, unpatched, with WPS used because that's how the setup wizard wants you to connect ? Sigh..
  24. Cloud has its advantages, under specific conditions for specific uses. I call that a "niche" and that's how it should be considered, I think. But marketing forces being what they are today, why not shove the idea down everybodys' throats and make the most money from it. W8.1 seems to be going places where it shouldn't be going, like forcing the use of *Microsoft accounts* instead of the good ol' local User accounts. And you also have the new Librairies scheme, that will point to SkyDrive now instead of the familiar and trusted *My Documents* on disk. Imagine having your pictures and videos on SkyDrive ? Cha-ching... big bucks for M$. But the Librairies thing will depend on how you had it set up in W8 prior to upgrading (if upgrading) and/or on how you log in to Windows (online or local account). They are really going to be messing with our heads with this one folks. And then there's "Smart Search". Pleeeze... http://winsupersite.com/windows-8/windows-81-tip-configure-smart-search
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