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  1. This could be in the *what are you watching* thread. But anyway... just found it and thought I'd share, regardless : I got a big kick out of this.
  2. @daledoc1 ; she's at a very high level, for any age. She's been at it since a very young age, her dad is a musician I believe and her teacher is a very good guitarist. Technically, she's very mature and very efficient. Time will tell how/if she can grow into her own style and create her own tone. @Ron : I had heard (and seen...) the Iron Maidens before ; when you look for guitarists on YT, you can't miss 'em, haha. I was pleasantly surprised by Gabriella Quevedo ; I had not seen/heard her before. Just 18y/o, from Sweden (South American parents). I'm a big fan of finger style players. Here she is with the Mr. Tommy : Speaking of Tommy Emmanuel... I just can't get enough of him. Here's a long version of a Mark Knopfler classic he shares with two friends :
  3. No worries. Slacker here myself Some girls do alright too. I've posted a few from French sensation Tina S before. This is from last May, she was 15. *Warning*: it's fast, heavy and you'll be exhausted if you watch all of it... and no, no tricks, guitar track is all her.
  4. It's a little too quiet in here...
  5. Stay away from large toaster ovens... because black holes are all over the universe. You should follow the dark matter (and dark energy) discoveries instead. Fascinating stuff.
  6. I still haven't looked at it in depth, but what bothers me isn't letting visiting friends/family access my Wi-Fi, it's the taking away my control over it. Why ? With kids in the house, I use MAC based parental control on the router, setting time periods for Internet access per device. With this new thing in W10, any *contact* would get Internet at any time, with any device. I am against that, big time. But hey maybe I got it wrong... Anyway, I disabled it while installing W10 via personalized setup. I agree with Ron though, this is an open door ready to be [possibly] exploited/abused.
  7. Was that a sudden tailwind, CWB ? Sounds like fun !! Folks who aren't crazy about flying should definitely stay away from all the wonderful near-crash vids on YT. The crosswind landing ones are a hoot. My brother did a few stalls + spins for me in a Cesna 172 some years back. Couldn't find a vid for a 172, but found one for a smaller 152 (watch for the second stall @0:50) : Better than any rollercoaster
  8. Sorry I'm a little late to this party... Isn't this a bit ridiculous, considering commercial planes need basic maintenance every 250 flight-hours (not days), which I suppose means the *ignition will be turned off*. And more intense maintenance done every 6 months. So, to have a plane *switched on* for 248 days, you would be either a) operating in utter illegality or, b) be some kind of... a total moron But I understand this is about airplanes so you have to cover everything I suppose. Boeing needs this plane to do well, so let's hope they get all the kinks out soon.
  9. 10-4 there Ron. Here it's mostly cold and dry, with relatively light snow accumulations (3 feet on the ground, give or take depending on the year). So we hardly ever get more than 8-10 inches per episode ; nothing like the 3 feet in 2 days they got in Boston, or I don't remember how much in Buffalo earlier this winter. We're far from big water, which explains the dry and boring weather, heh. I remember your Niagara Falls trip last year, with plenty of snow IIRC. Must feel strange for you guys. I can stand the heat, but not for prolonged periods. My favorite house chore : snowblower !!!! Different strokes...
  10. Sounds pretty much like what we've got here (somewhere in Quebec). I love it. Made a bad choice today when going for a walk in -10F (-30 windchill) : opted for the heavy down parka over a t-shirt, instead of lighter down parka with microfiber layer. Had to pace myself because of the heat building up inside the expedition weight parka lol. Should get down in the -30s tomorrow morning. If so, no school buses until noon because of the heavy water vapor coming out of exhaust pipes, blinding approaching drivers who could hit kids crossing streets trying to get on the bus. The colder it is outside, the whiter the snow. Beautiful up here this year because it's been very cold for weeks now.
  11. Hahaha ! Straight from the resident Bonaholic I know, it's insane. After I posted the above link, I started looking around and found a lot of material from her on YT, from as young as 6 (she started playing at 3 apparently). The piece she did above was at a competition known as "Hit like a girl", which I think is a sublime name for a female drummer contest. She won the under 18y/o category, at age 11. She's into fusion (what ?), jazz (what ??), rock, and more... We can see her playing Spain (Chick Corea) live at age 6, yeah... Being the resident Totoholic, here's Kanade playing Child's Anthem at age 8 (though she doesn't look a day over 5 1/2 heh) : Nice work on the cowbell ! Joe B would be happy with her as a band member :-) I don't know if Mike Mangini still teaches now that he's with Dream Theater, but he could help her raise her level to stratospheric heights...
  12. Shrugged introduced us to a fabulous 9y/o drummer girl a while back. Just cruisin' YT tonight and stumbled onto this 11y/o. You have got to be kidding me...
  13. @INeedAMedic ; I've used ESET antivirus a few times over the years and have always had a good experience with it. But that's just my experience of course. Have you tried it yourself ? I can't say it threw more (or any) false positives on me than others. Same for Norton : have YOU tried it recently ? There are so many bad vibes around Symantec products that linger on, years after they've made big progress, so I always wonder when people today say *stay away from Norton*, whether it's from recent real life experience or just... old stories. On the subject of free antivirus programs : I've recently come across good comments on the new Panda Antivirus 2015 Free edition. This newest version breaks away from the *Panda Cloud* tag, though it still uses cloud technology. I've installed it on a VM and have to say I like it ; small footprint, no toolbars, low resource usage and very little nagging.
  14. Always a touchy subject, but I'll just go ahead with some comments of my own : Member Doom_ mentions running the Norton trial, so that will expire. Norton has come a long way since the dark days, and does quite well in most AV tests I've seen. But tests are often biased as we all know. Reports from the field are also quite good where Norton products are concerned. Top players of the past few years remain : Kaspersky, Bitdefender, Eset and (yep) Norton are top 5 almost everywhere you look. One comment about Bitdefender : I installed their suite on a few machines recently and discovered a peculiar tactic on their part ; during install, it looks for other AV and even anti-malware scanners installed and then proceeds to uninstall them ; yep, they launch the uninstallers directly. If you cancel the uninstalls, Bitdefender will simply not install. That's plain ridiculous. MBAM is targetted, both Premium and Free versions, which makes absolutely no sense (no common sense I mean...). I am almost 100% certain that MBAM would run alongside Bitdefender without a single problem, even Premium with shields. I don't know if other vendors do this, but they (Bitdefender) need to get a proverbial slap on the wrist for this nonsense... [/rant]
  15. Ethanol definitely my fav I'm also a fan of Isopropyl alcohol, to clean contacts (electronics), to remove not-so-stubborn glue/sticky stuff (I have more potent chemicals for tougher glues, like acetone and another which is a plastic-friendly remover). Isopropyl alcohol is also a decent household disinfectant ; for wounds I much prefer Chlorhexidine though. Methanol eats away at rubber, which we need to keep in mind ; for example, it is a good anti-freeze additive for gas or diesel, but never use it as a windshield washer booster because it will eat away at rubber hoses and wiper blades lol. Ethanol is perceived to be a great human anti-freeze agent ; fact is it dilates tiny peripheral blood vessels which gives a sensation of warmth, while in fact it is accelerating heat loss through extremities. So the body anti-freeze works well inside where it is warm, not outside at 40 below
  16. @David : just spent some time reading up on cellulosic ethanol (like switchgrass ethanol) vs starch ethanol (like corn or sugar cane based ethanol). Thanks for the link, very interesting stuff. They aren't ready to go into full scale production yet, but it shouldn't take too long to get there. Unless some powerful lobbies decide they don't like the idea Cellulosic ethanol has many advantages over the starch based stuff : land not used for growing foods can be used for switchgrass, including land set aside for *resting*, so no threat to food land. It also costs much less to grow and transform grass into ethanol. Where starch ethanol requires natural gas for its transformation (quite a bit), switchgrass requires much less energy and some are saying it can use parts of the grass itself for combustion in the transformation process, parts not needed for the ethanol. One paper I've read mentions that increased switchgrass growing would also have the added benefit of helping remove more CO2 from the air (photosynthesis). When an engine runs on pure alcohol, it requires slightly more to achieve the same job as gasoline (roughly 1.25 to 1), but I'm sure we could get really cheap ethanol from this process, and more than enough to meet domestic demand. Bye-bye foreign oil. Sounds too good to be true. Uh-oh, it probably is then...
  17. Just heard on the radio today that our area has the highest gas prices in the province of Quebec (if not Canada), and the reason for it is... gouging by retailers and distributors, more so here than anywhere else. We are far from large cities, have no political weight, etc... Interesting reason why the prices have fallen, for those who haven't followed the story : Saudi Arabia doesn't like the recent surge in US Shale oil and natural gas production, which threatens Saudi production numbers. Because Saudi oil is much cheaper to produce than US oil, the plan is to run them out of business with low-low prices. Prices fall when Saudi Arabia (and other partners in the Middle East mostly) crank up production, flooding the global market with cheap oil. Here in Canada, the price of diesel was lower than regular unleaded gas for years. It has been slightly higher now for some years, but still very close. So close that some car manufacturers offer diesel packages up here that you won't find in the US. I guess our interpretation of pollution from combustion engines - gas vs diesel - is different from others'. We are seeing more biodiesel variants now too. Canada, like some Northern European countries, has greater challenges with the prospect of going for electric cars because of the climate, mostly the heating requirements during cold winters and battery efficiency in the cold as well. Hybrids manage Ok, at least those tested and approved for cold winters that are sold up here. Full electrics don't have a chance, unless they equip them with natural gas or propane heaters. Heard news from a recent big auto show that hydrogen cells are gaining in popularity once again ; I predicted they were the future years ago, so I'm hoping to see more of them. A combustion engine that emits water vapour only, yess... Alcohol : I'm not sure it can be manufactured without hurting the food supply, because sugar is the main ingredient and whatever is grown for it will take the place (crop square footage) of other essential foods/crops. And from what I've read, producing alcohol leaves a nasty environmental footprint... as well as having political importance in some areas where farming is vital. I'm not saying alcohol is a bad fuel, just saying it is a complicated one.
  18. That is very similar to prices in Canada. Our dollar is worth about the same as yours and we pay $1.05 per litre these days. Some areas in Canada pay less, down to as low as $0.84 per litre but those places pay much lower gas taxes than anywhere else in the country. 1 US gallon is 3.78 litres, so you're paying an equivalent of $1.05 x 3.78 = $4.00 per US gallon (AU dollars). That's roughly $3.32 USD per US gallon. That's still a lot. Most Europeans pay much more due to higher taxes.
  19. @David : I don't know about the States, but up here we no longer have those little lever locks that allow unattended fillings. At least not at self-serve stations. I've been known to improvise when I need to clean glass or something by jamming the gas cap under the trigger/lever, but never do I sit in the car while filling up. $2.18 is very low. We haved it at $1.08 per liter now which comes to $4.08 per US gallon. Quebec has just added an 8 cent par gallon carbon tax (Jan 1), as if we needed more tax on gas... grrr...
  20. Tubular Bells was the first vinyl LP I purchased, for $7.29. That was a lot of cash for music back then. I was barely a teen back then and listening to great music, thanks to my older brother and sisters. For those thinking they haven't heard Mike Oldfield's TB before, perhaps you've seen the movie "The Exorcist" ? Oldfield started working on Tubular Bells at age 18 and released it just after his 20th B-Day. Amazing.
  21. Now wait a minute... Memory lane, anyone ? http://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/aboutbuster.html"About:blank" and CoolWebSearch, the good ol' days
  22. We do pay more tax than any other province, but the extra we pay up here is gouging ; we only have a tiny voice and government isn't standing up for us. The lowest it's been here is $1.13 per liter ($4.25 /US gallon). The Montreal area is hit with an extra tax which we don't have, but you might. Prices at the pumps used to directly reflect the price of crude oil, but those days are far behind. And because governements make so much tax money from oil nowadays, they aren't inclined to fight for fair gas prices for consumers. I know it's complicated economics mixed in with politics and environmental concerns, but I still think some people are making wayyyyy too much money and are getting away with it.
  23. We're victims of price gouging up here. Nobody wants to take credit for such highway robbery, but it is clearly the doing of higher gas company executives. Gas is at $4.25 per US gallon (canadian$) in my area, yet it is sold for less than $3.50 in many other parts of Canada. Price of crude is less than half of what it is was last summer. Prices at the pumps here are only 30% lower. That's a lot of profit money...
  24. Remember the good 'ol dial-up days ? I sure do. Can't have that anymore, unless you give up Windows updates and updating security programs. Wish I understood why/how .Net Framework requires soooooo much updating. Unreal. Sloppy coding ? I know for me with a slower than average connection, reinstalling a system and waiting on all those .Net updates is almost killing the Windows experience for me...
  25. It's ridiculous how powerful the oil industry is. Depending on who you talk to, you'll get different versions every time. Here's an example of what refineries might say right now : well this is a transition period, just like it is in the spring, where we need to switch from summer to winter gas. Because every state has its own mandatory switch date, gas delivery gets very costly because we need to refine both grades simultaneously and can't deliver the same gas across some state lines. Blah-blah-blah... We pay more here than our neighbors to the South (the US) mostly because of taxes ; it's a lot worse in Europe. The problem with taxes is that governments love the money they get from them and the higher the gas prices, the more tax money they make which looks pretty on the budget balance sheet. So who looks out for us the consumers ? I'd love to hear an answer to that one... The oil lobby rules. Pretty much everything. Got us by the proverbial balls and they know it all too well.
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