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  1. Hahaha... love this. On another forum, a member shared something similar so here goes. Maybe your co-worker knows about them... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WIKqgE4BwAY
  2. Guess I need to go post in the Beta forum, but I'll update here first. Almost 24 hours on the 3.5 Beta, and my system runs so much better than it has for the past few weeks. All seems normal now. I'll come back here only if problems creep up. For me, right now, 3.4.5 is history. Thanks for the tips everyone.
  3. This is just my personal suggestion : try the Beta (3.5). I've only had it installed for 12 hours, but my system is stable and fast. Funny how I now realize I have my computer back, having dealt with lagging and bizarre system behavior for weeks...
  4. Task Manager > Show all processes > end MBAMService.exe then quit MBAM. Restart from All Programs. Maybe you should try the Beta.
  5. @GavinP : it could be. On mine I noticed it especially when restarting or shutting down the computer, as it would take a lot longer, with Explorer and TaskHost not wanting to close. So an update on my situation : things were going well (fast) last night after disabling Ransomware protection, until I attempted a reboot. I got the Chkdsk / disk integrity window (formerly known as BSOD), had to perform chkdsk which repaired or deleted a few files (I forget), then all was Ok. So next I installed the Beta... Computer has been On since, smooth adn fast so far, no chkdsk on reboot. I'll upd
  6. Thank you sir ! I'll monitor the situation and install the Beta if necessary. And I'll keep you posted if I do Cheers,
  7. Have been reading a few more topics on this problem. @exile360 : do you think I'd be a good candidate for the Beta ? If so, does it activate with my current licence and will it upgrade to the official 3.5 on its own ? I'll give this time, with ransomware protection disabled, but I have a feeling it won't stay *normal* for very long... Thanks...
  8. Ok, too early to tell, but with Ransomware protection Off, things are back to normal. For now anyway. Will update if there are changes. One thing I should mention, just in case it could be a factor : I do have Macrium Reflect Home version 7 (paid), which has its own ransomware protection scheme built-in, though I have no idea how they go about it but it seems they protect their own backup files, not the system per se. I've had this version for many-many months now, never a problem. So I'm not *that worried* about having MBAM ransomware protection Off, because I'm covered by Reflect (I hop
  9. I've been having similar problems lately. Premium version on Windows 7 x64 (relatively fast desktop computer). It all started after the last build auto update. First signs were terribly long Windows shutdowns (minutes, when usually 15 seconds), very long user account logouts and, eventually many-many FireFox crashes after stopping to respond. Just after the MBAM update I also updated the free Panda AV I have (newer build) so I thought this was the problem. I uninstalled it, things seemed better, so I installed the free Kaspersky. Things started to deteriorate soon after. Uninstalled Kaspe
  10. I don't watch a lot of TV anymore myself... so these finds are often accidental clicks on YT or something, haha. Big Annie Lennox and Amy Lee fan here, so thanks for those shares. Speaking of finds, I don't know if anyone here posted vids of this singer, but... maybe worth a repost. From The Voice in Poland (2015) : Nothing but chills... oh man...
  11. Thought Ron might enjoy this. It's time for our annual "La Voix" in Québec (The Voice), and we've got one incredible (to me) voice this year, a girl who's been singing for a while in the Ottawa area, but for some reason unknown to me hasn't broken out yet at age 32. I have a feeling this about to change... She chose to come to "La Voix" though she doesn't speak a lot of French, but the show is huge and could help her along... and she's in the finals next week. I absolutely fell off my chair when I heard her in the blinds, and every time she sang after that. She comes from Jazz, but can do it a
  12. Well-well... I should've known. Thank you for the link.
  13. Maybe this has already been reported ; search didn't pick anything up for me. Was doing a setup on a TP-Link router just now. To access the configuration utility, you can use the good ol' or, as suggested in their quick start guide, use tplinklogin.net instead. MBAM blocked that, so I had to use the IP. So... FP here would be tplinklogin.net (edit to add : unless someone decided to abuse that...) Thanks...
  14. Funny you mention that. I haven't tried, not yet anyway, but here's the thing : I noticed this activation thing and tried to re-activate via the Store, but nothing happened. So I tried to get the anniversary update and got an error message saying I needed an activated copy of Windows to install that update. A week or so later, for fun, I tried the anniversary update again and it installed just fine, but I had a message I needed an activated copy of Windows to use it now, heh. I had looked at getting the newest Insider build, but again the requirements say you need an activated copy of Windows
  15. Funny thing (not..) happened to me a few weeks ago. I've had this W10 Pro virtual machine for a long while. It saw life as an Insider Preview back in the fall of 2014, got updated with newer builds until it became "RTM" in 2015. MS had given the green light (if I read that correctly at the time) for those in the Insider program to be able to install the final version, have it activated, no need to be an upgrade. Fast forward to early August of this year : I get a popup saying Windows needs to be activated. Fantastic... So I call MS phone support and they tell me the Insider installs are d
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