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  1. thanks prarie dog, followed your instructions and all is ok now
  2. Could I please get help. I was getting Error code 703 (0,14). I uninstalled Malwarebytes through the Control Panel and re-installed. Now get error code 703 (0,7) and 703 (5,7) Access Denied. I've also been getting some runtime error messages in IE from time to time. I've done a Norton scan and it's apparently clean
  3. Thanks for the help. It works now! As you said though, it took a long time, actually 24 hours to defrag one drive as it is overloaded. I did all the suggestions except I was hesitant to delete the System Restore points, hence the 24 hours but still the Defraggler program did its job when there seemed to be no other solution. Thanks a lot.
  4. Daughter has WinXP Home on a 3 year old Acer laptop, has never done a defrag. Now unable to Defrag. It appears to start Analyzing but stops immediately at 10%, or it starts Defrag but stops immediately at 1%. Will not work in Safe Mode either even when using built in Administrator account. Have performed a Check Disk in regular mode and then later in Safe Mode, but during that scan it crashed, twice. Tried turning off System Hibernation and Firewall. Tried disabling all start up programs and then restarting. Still will not work. Has anyone heard of the free program Defraggler by cclea
  5. I went to the site you suggested and it found 40 infections. None of them were actually the lphcaufj0ec93.exe file although a similar file called rhceufj9ec93.exe was identified as an infection. Thanks so much for your help.
  6. I have lphcaufj0ec93.exe in my start up as C:\WINDOWS\system32\lphcaufj0ec93.exe. I googled the internet and only one site was found that covers it, but its exterminate-it.com and i've read stuff on this forum elsewhere about this site and it gives false positives and rated as a rogue site. That site gives instructions to remove it and includes to End Process in the Processes tab (but I did not find it there) and to delete it from C:\WINDOWS\system32\ (?but I did not find it there). Does anyone know what this is?
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