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  1. Good afternoon, hope I'm in the right forum there are so many. I received a malware warning about mwb safe browser that reported its own browser as malware. After 45 minutes fix that problem then 2 web blocks I received in the same scan we're putting quarantine, after fixing safe browser the web block messages disappeard. operating V5 for Android 11 and could not find quarantined items or where the quarantine box even is located? Fixed safe browser, then the 2 web blocks disappeared. I had no chance to scan them and I don't know what happened to them? And let's say I did find them I'm not quite sure or clear on how I begin to scan them individually. Therefore I do not know what kind of risk I'm running right now? Anybody have a solution and if I'm in the wrong forum don't bite my head off. I've had this program for less than 3 weeks. I just need help. And should you tell me where those blocks might have gone to then please tell me how do I scan them and is there a malware book for dummies cuz I can't even find the right forum half the time? Thank you very much in advance, have a great day.. Montana
  2. Okay thank you very much. May I ask what area is your specialty? I see your name often on these forums. Understand, I just sit, get comfortable with patience, till the right someone answers? If you have time maybe you can answer a couple of general questions for me.. if you don't have time that's okay. I use Malwarebytes for security on the Android and my Windows 10 laptop. I'm wondering do you have an opinion on the effectiveness and/or reputation of Malwarebytes? I have also been told bitwarden has some advantages including their password manager. Have you heard of bitwarden before, Your opinion? If there's a different security software that you are partial to and would recommend, which one would it be? I'm sure you have an idea about this or maybe a reference. I need to transfer my personal data (pics, docs, chrome browser favorites, even personal settings if possible)from my former Windows 10 laptop to my recent Windows 10 HP? . I have Google and Microsoft apps I use both. Does Hotmail/ Outlook have a sync options? I also have a 250GB external drive. I'm wondering what is the most efficient and simple way to transfer data from one laptop to another? And I want to transfer everything I have created in Microsoft software too. This might not be your area either I just thought I'd give it a shot. Maybe a referral to someone else or another forum elsewhere? I'm open to any advice. Thank you for your time. Montana
  3. 🤔 hello, not sure where I should be. Have recent premium standard subscription for three devices V5 Android download. Not sure what specifics I need to include. However completely aware that I am missing some specs. need guidance. Looking for the correct forum. Basically Malwarebytes security no VPN, safe browsing that comes with download works perfectly for two and a half weeks. While using my Google 1 VPN. Having good feelings about this. Then. Yesterday, safe browsing reported itself as a threat, turned itself off, and also had two web block threats indicated and moved to quarantine. First I panicked then I read in support, steps to correct. And I corrected. Completed a scan. Safe browsing now working, however those two web block threats are gone too? and I didn't scan them individually like was suggested. I'm not sure where those threats went and how re-engaging safe browsing erased them? I I'm missing something.. Am I in the right forum? or where do I go? And what specific information should I include to advise you off my exact condition, position hand system.? I thought I was a mid to high intermediate computer user. And now I realize I'm probably more like a mid-level novice. In other words I can navigate fairly well but I do not have technical terminology down pat. Also the subject matter of cybersecurity and self protection is completely overwhelming me all at once. 😵‍💫😲 Please, do explain to me as if you're explaining to a sixth grader. Thank you for your help in advance I appreciate it. ✌️ Montana
  4. I just purchased premium standard membership for three devices. Android v5. I have a previous device listed in subscription indicating purchase date was January 2022, however my current subscription in premium should be dated December 27th 2023. I activated this Android device last night. And the one in the subscription dated last year. Should I deactivate that one? And in what setting do I name each device activated, so that I may identify which device is which? First device- Android 11 OS (this is the current device I'm trying to name) 2nd device Windows 10, 3rd device not assigned yet. I have only ever used free version, I'm a premium standard member (three devices) as of yesterday. Thank you in advance for any information or assistance you can provide.
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