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  1. Good point, Noknojon. I checked Antivir's forum and found a 8/2009 post that said IE is needed. So, that answered my question. Yesterday, I tried to update MB and TM IS 2010 again --- no luck. Afterwards, I reinstalled SAS, checked the box to start SAS when Windows starts (normally not checked), and reran TM Housecall (just in case - no threats). No luck still, so I called it a day. Today...a miracle! When I started my computer, it booted up really fast, just like when it was brand new. After connecting to the internet, I was able to update MB, SAS, and TM IS 2010. I ran MB and SAS i
  2. Mountaintree16 - In response to your post #8: I'm not online without AV. Sorry I wasn't clearer. Yesterday, I downloaded TIS_Download32bit, mbam-set-up, and mbam-clean to my desktop. After disconnecting from the internet, I proceeded to uninstall/install TM --- no luck updating TM. Today, I followed post #5 and #3 (in that order) for MB --- still no luck updating. I tried to manually update TM using their Update_Tool. Files downloaded fine, but when I hit the ok button, I got the message "The application failed to initialize because the window station is shutting down". I didn't know if
  3. Noknojon - I did exclude the items from TM A/V and took the additional steps provided in your links. Unfortunately, I'm still getting the error code. Mountaintree16 - I'm not sure. Would appreciate any advice on how to follow-up on this. Noknojon and Mountaintree16 - Below is a more complete history of what steps I've taken to try to resolve the problem before posting my initial request for help. I'm not sure if it (or I) have been a help or hinderance WRT the problem. My subscription to TM will expire in a couple of months. I'm ok with replacing TM with a different AV program, but I'd
  4. Hi nokojon and mountaintree 16. Thanks for your reply. I followed your instructions, but they did not resolve the problem. Any further thoughts?
  5. I downloaded the free version of malwarebytes (version 1.44, 1/7/2010) today. When I did an update, I got error code 732 (0, 0). I followed steps 1 - 3 from a forum post (http://www.malwarebytes.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=37120), but the problem persists. My computer has Windows SP SP3, IE8, and Trend Micro Internet Security 2010. Any suggestions on what to do next would be appreciated.
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