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  1. Thank you for that info. Already used that feature, but it may be useful for others. Thank you for answering the questions. I understand your position. I just don't fully agree w/the way blocks are implemented, but users do have the ability to whitelist an ip and that helps sites that are non malicious. Again thank you for taking the time to answer the questions. CROSs.vg
  2. Could you possibly answer some questions? 1. is it possible to whitelist IPs of legit sites, if not, why? 2. was our site reported in any way -- is anything malware hosted on our sites/ips? 3. we are ready to work with both ISP in UK and US, would you specify which IPs hosted malware so they can resolve this? 4. how do you determine which range is considered "bad" -- can this be used by others to block legit sites? for example if someone hosts malware intentionally next to legit business site, would you block entire range and harm business of that site? What happens when malware authors use o
  3. Thank you for your reply MysterFCM. How do we get removed from the block list? I hope the case isn't that our sites our blocked due to being just in a range? It would make sense if we were scanned by an AV and determined malicious, but to be blocked because we fall w/in a range seems to deem Vogon malicious automatically. Google I believe scans sites not ranges and blocks accordingly. I have been a mod at Vogon for a few years and using Malwarebytes for about a year now and appreciate the ability offered by Malwarebytes to remove malware easily. May I ask how we were placed on this list? Some
  4. http://vogon.vg/ http://vogonhq.com/ Any help getting them removed would be greatly appreciated. I am a mod at Vogonhq.com and vogon.vg is a server status page for Quake 3 excessive. Thank you CROSs.vg
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