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  1. ALL done thanks again for everything.
  2. Okay after the restart it seems to be delectable, Thank you. Is there any other place I should check for mala in case it has been moved there?
  3. So I was making sure it was gone and it still seems that under the Microsoft uninstall thing, it is gone but I still am finding the file location and can not delete that as it says it is open somewhere else. What is going on?
  4. It took a while but seems to be gone, Thank you very much, I have heard alot of good things about this program but am sad that this was my first and probably last accouter with this.
  5. Hi I downloaded the free version this this morning, ran, and seemed to freeze up and it won't uninstall, tried all the steps, windows removal, the mbuns.exe file someone said, none of it is working, then I made a ticket but won't let me do anything because I do not have a subscription, please I just want t get this off my computer.
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