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  1. Hi! This laptop I'm using now used tobe infected with Vista AntiMalware but I have removed it already using the instructions from this link. So I'm surfing the web now using this laptop BUT still showing some weird behaviour like the (1)AVG Tray Icon is missing in the system tray in Limited account(it's there in the Admin account). (2)Also I cannot install a third party firewall(I've tried installing Online Armor Free & ZoneAlarm Free) without making the laptop go into a crawl...very very slow...so I'm stuck with Windows Firewall. (3)Also if I try to open an executable in the Limited ac
  2. You misunderstand me...I don't have anything to unzip. I think I need help here because I've never zipped a file before(in my life)...what I have done lots of times before, however, is unzipping a zipped file using my IZArc. Is it not possible for the MBAM team to just download the AVG Remover from the link I have given(coz that's where i got my AVG Remover anyway) and then do their analysis of the file to settle once and for all if it indeed is a false positive or not?
  3. I don't understand your instruction. Are you referring to the file "AVG Remover" which is currently in my Recycle Bin? That file can be downloaded using the link I have given...here's the link again and the AVG Remover there is the clickable named "32 bit & 64 bit archive." Do you want me to restore the AVG Remover that I have put on my Recycle Bin? How do I zip it(I've never done it, only unzipping) for sending to this forum? I have IZArc.
  4. Hi! My MBAM is detecting the AVG Remover that I have used to properly uninstall my previous AVG. I upgraded my AVG Free to AVG Free 2011 and I followed the instruction from here. After succesfully installing AVG Free 2011 I then proceeded to put the AVG Remover to the Recycle Bin. Now MBAM is detecting it as Trojan Dropper. Here's the screenshot. When I search my computer for the file detected I was pointed to the AVG Remover that I have put into the Recycle Bin. What do I do with this detection? Here's the log: Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware 1.46 www.malwarebytes.org Database version: 496
  5. Hi! I did an update and then a scan today with my MBAM 1.30 and it picked up Rogue.WinAntivirus. I have had quite a number of detections by MBAM in the past but luckily they all turned out to be false alarm easily rectified by quick updates by MBAM...BUT this time I have a feeling this could be a real nasty because of the familiar name of the detection(I hope Im wrong). There's no untoward behaviour that I am noticing from my pc...everything's working fine prior to the detection...BUT just the same I quarantined it and would like to know from this forum if there's a possibility that it coul
  6. Thanks RubbeR DuckY you're stll there! Well, in that case, I guess I'll just exit from the MBAM scan of the Limited account and do nothing about the detection regarding missing item(s) in the Start Menu of our pc's Limited account knowing fully well that it is me who purposely hide(reason given above) those items. As of now, my MBAM scan is showing 4 detections...all about 4 missing items in the Limited user account's Start Menu. This is because aside from hiding the Control Panel I decided to hide also Run, Search, and Help & Support in the Limited user account's Start Menu(I'll just r
  7. I was already with the impression that RubbeR DuckY is gonna come to my rescue but it's been 4 days of waiting on my side. I hope someone can address my problem of not being able to add to Ignore List the detection(see above for the images of the detection by MBAM on my pc) that was done by MBAM when I scan the Limited account of my PC. Thanks!
  8. Thanks RubbeR DuckY for coming to my rescue! The detection occurred when I scan the Limited account. When I scan the Admin account there was no detection. So my problem now is how can I succesfully add to Ignore List the detection that happened when I scan the Limited account. Also, because of the fact that there was detection when I scan the Limited account but no detection during scanning of the Admin account, is it correct to assume that scanning the Admin account is never enough...and that scanning should also be done on the Limited account if one wants a complete & comprehensive sc
  9. It has been explained to me in the other thread that malware often hides the Control Panel...and that is why MBAM was made in such a way that it will alert the user with a detection such as mine because the Contol Panel in our pc's Limited account was hidden in the Start Menu. But in my case, it was me who purposely hide the control panel(to prevent other user in the house who are not that computer literate from tampering settings in our pc sometimes out of curiousity)...so I was advised to just add it(the detection) to Ignore List(because I intend to keep the Control Panel in the Limited acco
  10. Hi! I was advised in this MBAM forum thread to add the MBAM detection to Ignore List since it was me, on purpose, who disabled the showing of Control Panel in the Start Menu of our pc's Limited account. But when I try to add the item to Ignore List using right click(see here) and then check again with a re-scan the same detection still is showing and my Ignore List remains empty. It seems I CANNOT add an item to Ignore List. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  11. There is only one Admin account in my pc and one Limited account. When I scan the Admin account there was NO detection BUT when I scan the limited account there was detection(image provided on my first post on this thread)...thus it seems to me that a separate scanning of the limited account is necessary...which means that a scan of the Admin account is not comprehensive enough. This presumption of mine I would like to ask opinion from the MBAM expert. Thanks for the tip about pressing windows key + r to access the Run item...didn't know about it. Now, I am planning to delete the Run item i
  12. Yeah, I remember disabling the showing of Control Panel in the limited account's Start Menu in the past. I also remember disabling Run in the Start Menu in the limited account in the past but I decided to have it back again in the Start Menu the next day because it's my habit to run msconfig to look at my startup items...is that enough to have my MBAM detect/complain about it? Also, do you advise to scan with MBAM separately the Limited account? Or does scanning the Admin account enough?
  13. Hi! I did a scan on my pc's limited account today with MBAM(1.26)Free (without updating using Database version 1113) and I get this result showing I'm infected. I immediately went to the Admin account and did a scan with MBAM(this time updating it first and I got Database version 1122) and to my relief>>>no infection. I went back to the limited account and did a re-scan using the updated version of MBAM and still I get the same result showing I am infected. Now, I haven't done anything yet...I just exited from the MBAM and went to google Hijack.StartMenu. I browsed this thread an
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