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  1. dcollins - and thanks for your fast attention. Unfortunately, KB4134651 is important - it stops a real threat, not just a theoretical one. Can you find the solution fast so we can install KB4134651 ?
  2. dcollins - when I tried to run MB, they were Dr Watson-style crashes, not BSODs. Said that both MB tray and regular MB had crashed. Unfortunately, I could not copy the TEMP txt files generated by Dr Watson. Removing that update KB4134651 just now definitely stopped the crashes, as the MSFM expert heinoganda predicted in that last post.
  3. dcollins - I UNinstalled KB4134651, and MB is now working. No crash on its installation. Haven't scanned yet, but I'm sure it will be OK. But we need to install update KB4134651 to protect against a genuine threat that's been seen in the wild. Please work with Microsoft so that MB works even with KB4134651. And please let us know. Thanks.
  4. dcollins - please be sure you install all nine in my list. If any is missing from your own Microsoft Update list, please see both < THIS LINK AT MSFN > and < THIS POSSIBLE EXPLANATION AT MSFN > However, KB4134651 is needed protection against an exploit that is being seen now! Please also see < THIS ARSTECHINCA ARTICLE > . Please fix MB to work with KB4134651 and my other eight updates. Thanks.
  5. dcollins - I also ran the FRSTEnglish.exe, and I am attaching the two .txt files here. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. dcollins - that worked - see attachment. Please advise. Thanks. mb-check-results.zip
  7. Sorry, but mb-support also crashes!! The Windows Dr. Watson crash reports say this: EventType : clr20r3 P1 : mb-support.exe P2 : P3 : 5ad8d87d P4 : presentationcore P5 : P6 : 590b1abf P7 : 46a0 P8 : 47 P9 : system.io.fileformatexception Unfortunately, I cannot copy the .dmp or following crash log. Your program left FRSTEnglish.exe on my Desktop. What do I do with it?
  8. I keep my XP machine updated with the POS hack. So the problem I just started having with MB on my XP machine is the same problem anyone would have on an XP POS machine. Today, after updating with KB4056564-V2, KB4089453-V2, KB4095516, KB4095528, KB4103768, KB4101477, KB4130957, KB4131188 and KB4134651, MalwareBytes just crashed. UNinstalling with MB-clean and REinstalling various versions of MB did not work - all crashed. Any ideas? Thanks.
  9. ADDED TO ABOVE: Also, right now, mbam.exe, MBAMService.exe and mbamtray.exe are running in my Processes, and I am typing this successfully on my Firefox ESR 52.4.0 (32-bit). For the moment. It's the BSODs that are the issue.
  10. Devin - Two+ weeks ago I completely uninstalled MB due to these problems. Yesterday I reinstalled it on my XP machine specifically to run a scan because I had had the bad CCleaner (which I had uninstalled but wanted to check). The scan picked up three traces of the CCleaner malware, marked them for quarantine and asked me to reboot. But the reboot caused another BSOD. I have since manually rebooted and turned MB on and off. It seems to be only MB Free and out of the Trial period - good. However, in Settings - Protection, the "Enable self-protection module" switch is in the ON position but greyed out, so I cannot turn it off. Bottom line - MB still has an issue that has not been fixed. Before this version, MB never caused BSODs. Now it does. Not good at all. Please advise when this will really be fixed. By the way, I'm now at version, with component package version 1.0.207. Also, I am keeping my XP updated via the POS hack. Thanks.
  11. Devin - Thanks again for attention to this. Is there an ETA for a version of MB that won't crash my XP PC? Ideally not the trial of Pro (just plain old Free) and with self-protection NOT on by default?
  12. Firefox - sorry for bother, but that link to MBAE did not work. Is there another? Thanks.
  13. Firefox - Thanks. Do you know whether that MB 2.2.1 already includes the MB Anti-Exploit, which used to be a separate shield icon in my tray? If not, do you have the last version of that MBAE installer?
  14. Nathaniel A - Is there still a place to find the installer for MB 2? I also liked the separate MB Anti-Exploit (shield) that was then available. polveremorta - Thanks, but I do not like BSODs, and I'll wait until the coast is clear. Waiting for MB staff to advise a new subversion has been issued without the issues.
  15. Telos - sorry, but no experimenting because the new MB gave me BSODs. It's seriously faulty for my setup. Waiting for the fix.
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