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  1. PM sent requesting the information. Looking over your License and features of your software you have some severe problems. For one there is no mention of IP blocking or any type of blocking of websites. Users are installing your software which has malicious intent to prevent users from viewing sites without any real criteria. You don't have one word of that in the features or License Agreement. Your software does things the user isn't aware of. That's going to be an issue and you should clean up your act. I am completely outraged over the responses and behavior of MWB.
  2. What the contact for you legal representative? I'll have my lawyer straighten this out quickly. I am sure MWB doesn't want a lawsuit based on this. Don't think I am bluffing either. I am not some child running a skid site. I run a legit network of sites and you're digging a grave. I want to speak with someone in charge about this. You might get away with blocking Russian spammers but you won't get away with calling my site malicious and ignoring my request for removal. A subpeona to Godaddy to get your information then a quick trip to the Federal Courthouse to file and it's on. Are yo
  3. I am the sites owner. I asked members using MWB to report the problem. Despite the controversial content you may believe the site has that shouldn't matter to the reasons why the site is IP blocked. IP blocks should be for sites containing malicious content that infects users. The fact remains no such content exists on HF. Files are not allowed to be uploaded. Whether you like or agree with the content of the site should not effect why it's in your IP ban list. If MWB refuses to remove the block this will get nasty legally. I will also make sure that every user on my site (110k) removes
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