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  1. No I don't, at least I don't recall ever installing it. I frequently get a pop up on my Chrome browser about the flash free browser. I've been just ignoring it. Never knew why I was getting it. Is it safe to remove the PUP's? Curious why MAMB never detected them before? Thanks
  2. Just recently ran a security screen and came up with all these PUP detections relating to the Chrome browser within the last 48 hours. Nothing has changed with the Chrome browser and the PUP's were never detected prior to 48 hours ago. No other security software has detected these PUP's. I feel pretty sure they are false positive detections. I've attached a log file for review. I look forward to anyone's comments. MBAM-log-2015-10-25 (13-30-34).txt
  3. Thanks for the reply, but, it's not quite correct. I restored and my add/remove page did come back, but, all the dates for when the various programs were installed were redated as to the day I restored the quarantined item was restored. The only way to get back the correct dates was to a system point restore. Just depends on how important the dates are to you.
  4. I removed this maleware and it wiped out my add/remove screen as advertised. I restored it from quarantine and everything appears to be normal. I re ran a quick screen and the FP did not reappear. The only question I have is do I need to do anything else like a system point restore to ensure everything is back like it should be? I look forward to a reply. I'm a little spooked at the moment.
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