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  1. another game that wont work is Men Of War: Assault Squad 2. Which doesnt load any mission. it locks me in a black screen after a loading screen trying to enter a mission
  2. nothing ive googled, seen, watched, done seems to work. When Hell Let Loose launches i get 3 or 4 different errors (all DirectX errors), a new game has started to act up too, Operation Harsh Doorstep, which i just downloaded off Steam, stops its launching process while its installing Microsoft DirectX
  3. Hello, this is kind of a pain to have to post this, but recently i had to reinstall windows, about 2 weeks ago since i got a new NvME SSD, and a Samsung 1TB SSD, so i installed my boot drive and installed Windows 11 from my old SSD, fast foward to getting everything installed, i wanted to play Hell Let Loose and Kenshi, but DirectX will not work for either, for Kenshi, it plays but has 0 audio. and for Hell Let Loose, it just wont play at all. But every other game seems to work just fine, which is super confusing. before reintalling Windows to my new SSD, i never had an issue with it. Now it seems i cannot get it to work whats so ever. Ive tried every fix from YouTube, everything on the first pages on Google, all of that. Ive factory reset my PC twice, and still nothing works. Heres the logs if anyone can help: DXError.logDirectX.log
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