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  1. Yes, some of the section names are a little misleading, but if you actually go through the site, you will see that there is nothing malacious to a reader/user.
  2. IP Address of the site is It occurs during casual browsing.
  3. False Positive - HackForums.net The well known Computer Security website, HackForums [http://www.hackforums.net] is being blocked by the MalwareBytes Anti-Malware software. Since many people both use this software and the site, such blocking causes many users to suspect what is actually a perfectly normal site. Hackforums, unlike its name suggests does not have any malicious intent, it is just for discussion of various computer security topics, and some off-topic discussion. The staff of the site work very hard to keep the site free of actual malware, and therefore I don't think flagging the s
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