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  1. So, system restore didn't work. I tried 2 out of 2 different system restore points, both dated 01/17 and 01/15 respectively and I got this error:
  2. Hello. I'll come clean, I tried downloading a pirated copy of FL Studio off a torrent site I've heard of, but never used before. I used that site because it's the only one I could find the latest 21 version of FL. I ran the installer and after installation was complete I couldn't find FL studio or the Image-Line folder anywhere. I opened my task manager and found a bunch of weird programs in the start up tab. I disabled them all and went to check out the Details tab, I found a bunch of processes called "Transcribing.exe" with the description "Box", I instantly realised that I effed myself and the first thing I did was download Hitman Pro. I had already used it before so I was forced to buy the product. It found 41 malware, I tried deleting them. Restarted my computer and the processes were back again. I tried opening the file location of these Transcribing processes, they're duplicating themselves in the Temp folder in my AppData/Local. Even if I kill the processes and delete the folders, they still come back. I tried deleting the registry files of these Transcribing processes, didn't help. I used rkill, it kills the process but it comes back again. And yes, I've tried installing MalwareBytes, but it gets stuck at 5% and I get hit with an "installation failed". I'm assuming this virus isn't letting me install MB and not only that, but my Windows Security tab won't open. As in, I open Windows Security and it's just a permanent white tab. However, HitmanPro was installed successfully. I've tried deleting them with HitmanPro like 5 times now, they keep coming back. I've tried using the MB anti-rootkit software, I've tried using RogueKiller, no matter what I do the processes keep coming back. I'm going to go ahead and try a system restore once I'm done writing this post, if it works I'll let you know.
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