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  1. @ Lipman - Yes that is the PC I have and I will get the screen shot of the Device Manager later tonight. I have heard of BIOS - and may have even opened when trying to diagnose a crashed hard drive on this computer last year. However, I would need instruction on how to access and update it. @ Firefox - I will follow your instructions to see if there are any hidden drives. Also, good call on the internal power connection, I will check that as well. I can't remember if the LED comes on when I insert the card or not, if not, that may be clue there is no power or a bad device. Thanks for your help. I will be back on tonight.
  2. The SD card slot on my Gateway 7310 PC does not work - it may have never worked for all I know. I don't remember a time when I inserted a card and it would actually read it. It should show up as another drive on My Computer, right? Just like a CD/DVD drive? I don't know if there is a driver I need to install or if there is a setting I need to adjust. I am not even sure what to look for in the Device Manager. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  3. Thanks for all the input. I think I am going to try MSE because I will then have some experience with it before I recommend to my father-in-law who really needs a set-it-and-forget AV program.
  4. I am considering Microsoft Security Essentials, Avira, and Avast. 3 questions about each: 1) Affect on computer speed/performance? 2) Amount of memory is used? 3) Ease of removal in the event I want to try one of the others later? Finally, I welcome any other comments that might help me in making this decision. Thanks in advance for your consideration.
  5. First let me be clear, I am a novice computer user and in no way want to give the impression that I am an expert in security issues. I simply wanted to post what helped me get rid of Malware Defense. It would not let either Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, McAffe Security Center, or Internet Explorer even begin to run. I had limited access to the Internet by opening My Computer and typing in a full web address in the address field. After an Internet search of the keyword "Malware Defense," I found a site that had a link to TDSSKiller and that is the application I used to eliminate an H8SRT file that was keeping the MBAM from running. Once that was done, I ran a Full Scan with MBAM and it located and eliminated 18 infections (Thanks Guys!) I can post that log if anyone wants me to. I did have to reload Internet Explorer 7 because it had reverted to IE 6 for some reason, but other than that everything is working fine. If someone else would like to add the details to my post, like a link to the TDSSKiller app and better instructions, I would welcome that. As I said, I am a novice! Hey, just typing this post took me 15 minutes! (That may be a slight exaggeration.) Thanks again for the excellent software tools and these forums!
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