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  1. UPDATE: After installing the same 2.0.3 version manually on top of already updated version, the one with the bug, the bug seems to have disapeared. As suggested, I rebooted the computer after the new instalaltion was performed and there are no more warnings... so far anyway. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  2. I'm in the same boat. The suggested "fix" didn't do anything to make the "Fix it" warning go away from the dashboard. Manually checking the option to enable the website protection doesn't really work either, even though the "Enabled" is blackened.
  3. One of my clients has an XP machine that runs the PRO version and sits on the 192.168.1.xxx network. The computer was rendered useless because Malwarebytes not only blocked the broadcast address, but also all other connections to the local domain server, Exchange and file servers - and this is with today's newest deffinitions may I mind you! This is terrible! There are no viruses, malware, roots or trojans present on that machine or on the servers and that's confirmed by not just one antivirus program. This F/P is getting out of hand. I'm going to suggest to all my clients to just delete Malwa
  4. Same thing here. I hope that this doesn't turn into another fiasco for Malewarebytes with massive consequences, like the last year's one with the false positive storm that swept the globe.
  5. Dear Malwarebytes people, The issue I have to deal with when it comes to this "IP Protection" feature is not that I want to manually block or unblock anything, I simply want it to not interfere with any video streams. What happens is that if I have this feature turned on ALL my video streams become unwatchable because the audio portion becomes very choppy, like all the sounds are shivering in cold. Otherwise, I have no complaints, but this one thing drives me nuts because I watch Croatian television over the Internet (I live in U.S.A.) in high quality and occasionally watch other prerecorded
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