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  1. I think every is fine now and up to date. Thanks very much for your service! Regards, Edward Addition.txt FRST.txt SecurityCheck.txt
  2. 1 file (see screenshot) was removed, any additional cause for concern or to the origin of this infection?
  3. Hi MKDB, Thanks for the help so far. No, MBAM message for jsc.exe is no longer appearing. Doing a scan now with ESET. Any antivirus you can recommend to run next to MalwareBytes? It seems defender is disabled when running MalwareBytes. Also s there anyway for me to determine the source of the attacks?
  4. Hi there, i've recently been hacked, hence i've aquiered malwarebytes. After using several tools/scanners i thought it was all removed. Untill today i kept getting the following message about once every 2 minutes. Report: Blocked website, etc, etc. Please see the attached screenshot. Scan's do not reveal the threat. Can you please help me out. Thank you in advance.
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