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  1. hi i remember before i can visit a page with a counter that increase every second and it ws referring to the viruses in Malwarebytes databases but i forgot where it is now can u lead me to it ? regards
  2. coooooooool i hope that u will go world wide
  3. hi still need a help in arabic translation?
  4. thnx noknojon but when i uninstall it and installed it again and run it it gave me: and when i try to start the program again it was like i never installed it : sooo ???
  5. ^^ thnx but when i try to run it it gives me this error: "SHGetvalue failed with error code 0" i took so long to answer cause i was looking for similar issues in the forum but nothing happened so?
  6. i'll check but as i said the interface is closed, and when i try to run mbma from the shortcut again it tells me that im already running it... so i have to close it from task manager... is there ant remover tool for it instead of regular uninstall?
  7. well i dont wanna steal the topic, but i have the same problem... i reinstall it again but no use.. on quick scan it's ok on full scan it close... when i try to run it it tells me that im already running it... but i dont see a thing.. i came just now to ask help but it seems that im not the only one
  8. wow i liked the way to change the extension to fool the fake anti virus -which won let me update it- tho my start with mbma is when some pf my friends got infected by these fake apps and with mbma i could kill that virus thanx again for the info regards
  9. hello again sorry for nit being here lately but after i read all these info's i couldn't help but to reply and saying "thanks" is the least word can describe my gratitude for all of you i'll be observing and trying to tell you bout all the things that can be noticed to improve Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware regards
  10. hmmmmmmmm.... i got the basic idea ... so are you pointing that the samples which mbma failed to detect were originally not relevant to it??? and a-squared success to detect it thanx to ikarus anti-virus engine??? if that so then im assuming that any regular anti-virus can detect what mbma failed in ... and a-squared detected it by default because of his engine... but why all sites comparing them with each other tho the difference in concept?
  11. i took a quick look there... sure there is a lot of reviews, but at least they share a little of common scenes, but if there is some sites that overlook a critical point in some product the it will be a bad thing unless you try'em all
  12. im a loser at photoshop maybe i'll at last if some big names will support me j/k
  13. the anti-virus is a must for sure... and these programs are like supporters the problem that a-squared can gain alot of results including old registry files and cookies and the worst thing is some of false positive so that's the problem... and because it's embedded with ikarus signature that a little thing to be showy
  14. ok i do apologize im sorry that i got over excitement u may edit it if u like sorry again
  15. ya sure,,, i was a reader here b4 registration , but now i need to get in depth with ya all so i can make him eat dust mmm maybe i'll try to provide a translated version of my quarrel with that guy i told him bout this but he denied that he care bout these matters, and put it as out of topic reply, what a poor he was so speechless all to care is the numbers like #@#!@# i tried both of them, but my first to none is mbma ... he wont be convinced out of his ego ... but at least i must close each -cheap- path he can use to prove that mbma is nothing to compare
  16. those who shake their head im going to cut'em all here is the link for the stupid test: http://malwareresearchgroup.com/?page_id=2
  17. ^^ im agree with you it happens with me a lot even in sites like hotmail.com im confused
  18. yea i forgot this pic too : i know it's from 1.42 and now we're at 1.44 ... what's the result now?? sorry again
  19. hello everyone this is my first topic and i hope to be a good help to make this app more popular than ever in my place first of all im all into malwarebytes' by all means... and always had proven for me it's the best ever well recently im stuck in some forum im writing in ... and he came up of a-squared just to tease me and prove that malwarebytes is nothing before it... i already wrote a topic bout malwarebytes with an extend up to 20 page of successful results but now it's a new challenge for us , and im sure its' pretty easy on us ok the last thing he came up with was this test result: can you provide me if this result is correct or from an old test of database? i need the answer soon to kick his little "fan-boy" attitude i hope that im not a bother for all of you in this kind of topics
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