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  1. I need my Malwarebytes key, would it be possible for it to be sent to my email address please? Thank you SlamDunkley
  2. you knew why he was saying it because you know more than me about this forum, you know the runnings, I did see your original flippant but I ignored it, yeah you right, no harm no foul but no need to blink mate
  3. shywriter, you are reading into this too much, six bars or no bars he is still a man, he is not a god, I have already apologised to him because he explained why he didn't want that kangaroo guy posting multiple posts, he deserves my apologies, nothing more.
  4. Oh, it all makes sense now, thanks for explaining, I am very sorry for having a go at you, my apologies
  5. so what if this guy is on different forums, how does it affect you, it's none of your concern, I don't why you have been following what this guy writes,, don't be so nosy, if want to ignore him than ignore him, but don't tell us to do the same.
  6. lol, ermmm... I think it's the second one lol
  7. lol, I think it could be a hormonal thing that everyone on this forum are sensitive babies I would prescribe some testosterone for you guys, you can get it from your local pharmacy lol
  8. lol, don't be so sensitive lol:)
  9. Okay, dude I hope the guy in the photo isn't you, because if it is then you are one ugly specimen lol
  10. Hmmmmmm..... what do I like that is chocolate covered
  11. Nah I don't really ask forums about MBAM, why would I? lol, yeah I know what disingenuous means now, I had to check my dictionary for that word cus I'm not a hardcore geek like certain people, thanks for you mind tickling question Thank you Slam Dunkley
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