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  1. That is positive news.... thank you. In that BSOD put strain on this system that stays up 24/7 for home media server that people count on, I tend to be conservative with it. I will wait for the 2.1 release that may completely address the problem and surely reinstall and retest to verify fix. I am curious....is it related to MBAM trying to scan USB volumes that may sleep and require time before awakening, and not handling that condition? Best to you all and thanks for the help.
  2. Got it. I am not sure what caused that modification, but I removed them from the registry --- and rebooted. Everything seems similarly stable. Since I removed MBAM, system hasn't crashed (for over 2 weeks now). So I will make sure things are similarly completely stable now with this registry change before introducing MBAM again. I will wait several days. When I removed MBAM some time ago, I did use the clean method...so it is completely gone from system. Once things are stable, I will layer the latest version on again and try it one more time before I give up on it. Th
  3. Can you please expand on compatibility mode and what would cause this? I have processes running such as Google Picasa auto updater that leverage iexplorer to function. Although I dont use IE, if I remove it applications that do will not function. So I wanted more information before I cause trouble for myself by deleting these seemingly core applications.
  4. Thanks Ken....I will wait for the dump analysis and recommendation that comes from earlier posts before loading this. System is so pleasant in the meantime when it doesn't crash without MBAM loaded. I will reload a version that addresses, or proposes to address the problem I had been experiencing. Thanks again for everyones help.
  5. Ken is this comment for me...or the other person tagging on to my thread? Are you implying my problem was analyzed and fixed in this new release? Or has anyone looked at the data collected last month?
  6. I am getting no response back on this forum regarding the dump analysis.... I also created a support case earlier....and after nearly a month they suggested I post here . I said I did..but still no response from escalation engineers regarding the dump signatures. An update is that after completely removing MBM using the removal tool...system is as stable as it always has been. I am using a different tool for malware for now...until I can get a fix from MBAM.
  7. Hi Daledoc, This problem has been persisting for a few weeks..... so reinstallations started around then. Yes, the only time BSOD occurs is when MBAM runs. If MBAM does not run, the BSOD dont happen. This makes sense since the only signature for crash in the dumps is MBAMSwissArmy.sys. A pretty tight correlation. Understood about EOS for XP. This system is a static server that doesnt get used as a desktop. Programs/services running it it are largely static and unchanged over time...and it functions as a file/print service for home use. It has been rock-solid an
  8. Hello Daledoc, Sorry....attached checkresoults.txt here. At this time no protection is running except for MBAM. In the recent past I had loaded GMER, HitmanPro, NPE, Sophos and others without detection. I had removed all of these when I finally was able to take a look at the dump files that were created with each crash pointing to the topic of this post. Thanks so much Jim CheckResults.txt
  9. Sorry Daledoc not sure what I did wrong but probably not starting with coffee was part of it...... reattempting attachment of minidump from MBAM scan. Attaching other files. The minidump is a zip file containing the minidump bundle. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  10. Daledoc1, Thanks for your speedy reply. Perhaps you missed it in my prior post, but I did already attach the minidump sample. Can you please look for it and let me know if it somehow didn't go through the forum post? I had already done the clean reinstall prior to my post because I have been personally troubleshooting this for a couple of weeks when the smoking gun of the dump I sent consistently is pointing to MBAM. I will load the reporting tool and send those shortly...but the dumps are of considerable concern....as this should not happen with any program. Thanks
  11. Hello, I can really use some help. My system was crashing every few days at nights (during scans)... I thought it was virus but the system kept coming up clean from most programs save a single one from AVG which seems to be a known false-positive from that one. But then I then finally looked at the dumps that were generated at each crash, and found MBAMSwissArmy.sys as driver that caused Kernel_Mode_Exeception_Not_Handled. This is the cause of my trouble......and the system only BSOD like this during a scheduled scan (late at night). I have multiple dump files, but atta
  12. Hi all, I hit this post via a Google search for the issue. I run XP Pro, after hitting my system with a RDC session and exiting, Malwarebyes scheduler doesnt properly run and I get the following error, same as others in this thread: WTSQueryUserToken failed with error code 1008 A workaround ...less than ideal, is to type the following command (I created a batch for it) before disconnect from the RDC (run on the RDC remote server): "tscon.exe 0 /dest:console" If you do this, the console will be sitting the way it was before the connection, and won't be sitting at the login prompt if you logi
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