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  1. Hi in this locked thread; the staff member says it was not a false posative but based off a real detection that got cleaned up? for those of us that did get this message (and still have pings going to this server) is there any actions we should be taking right now?
  2. Yeah I did switch to adguard but on firefox there are 2,161,758 ABU users, making it one of the largest adblock services and the only one of the adblocks that doesn't request premissons to view and edit your privacy settings on the browser so i'd like to go back to using ABU+Malware whenever this compatiblity issue is resolved.
  3. So, I use Adblock Ultimate(ABU) and Browser Guard. some time after 11 hours ago but before 3 hours ago These 2 addons on my firefox started messing with each other. On Malwarebytes side your "Heuristic ad block" when interacting with ABU results in alot of content just breaking, but the moment i disable "Heuristic ad block" things like youtube, twitter ect. start loading ocne more, likewise if I turn off ABU and only run Browser Guard then there isn't an issue. I believe your "Heuristic ad block" is false posativing Adblock Ultimates service and would like to request this resolved asap or be sent a workaround (I dunno how to white list a browser extension in the software)
  4. Hi, my weekly scan just flagged a product I know is a false posative. I have attached the log file as requested. Unfortunately Im unable to share the software as its not DRM free but it is a steam game that has been around a good while. If there is any more help I can give just ask Steam link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/793460/112_Operator/ It is also on other platforms including Apple and Google playstore, nintendo switch. False posative log.txt
  5. Im the paranoid sort ;) I like it on highest just incase. Sometimes you get false posatives but its better to be safe than sorry and you can always let them know ;)
  6. Heh I know how to exclude it, but a fasle posative is a false posative right? :)
  7. It also appears that refrence link was broken too; https://store.steampowered.com/app/979060/Bloons_Adventure_Time_TD/
  8. Forgot to link to baloons 5 steam page; https://store.steampowered.com/app/306020/Bloons_TD_5/
  9. Hi, I have baloons tower Defence 5 on steam (created by ninja kiwi) it was detected in my weekly scan as Malware.Heuristic. 1003 but I've never had any issues with this software in my 301 hours of playtime and ninja kiwi has worked with frachineses such as adventure time[1] so I have hard doubts that the steam verison of this game would be infected by malware. Unfortunately as a steam game it has steam DRM so I can't upload it :/ but still likely a false posative. Refrence 1; ninja kiwi + adventure time
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