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  1. I've been using the free version of Malwarebytes for years. The problem that has arisen is that the program frequently fails to open. I click on the icon, and I get an error message, "unable to open.:" My solution up till now has been to simply uninstall it, and reinstall the current version. After that procedure the program works again for a few months before I once again get that "unable to open" error message. The problem is, this time when I went to uninstall it, I got a message, "Unable to uninstall. Please run the Malwarebytes Repair tool." This I did, and it appeared to fix the problem, or so I thought. I downloaded and installed the most recent version last night. This morning when I started up my computer, I go to see a slew of my desktop icons overlaid with a UAC icon. At first I did not know what this is, but I naturally assumed it was something Malwarebytes had done since NO Windows update occurred before this icon overlay happened. The ONLY thing that preceded the appearance of the overlay is the Malwarebytes reinstall. Is Malwarebytes responsible for this or not? Because if it is, I do not appreciate my system being completely taken over in this fashion. I know that for fourteen days I'm stuck with the premium version of Malwarebytes; then it reverts to the free version. But how do I get rid of the icon overlay, which annoys me no end? Any by the way, NOTHING I've done makes the overlay go away. I performed a System Restore back several days before this Malwarebytes uninstall/reinstall, and it's STILL THERE. I'm running a 64-bit version of Windows 7. (And don't tell me I need to upgrade to Windows 10. The pandemic prevented me from taking my computer in to have a dual-boot system installed, and now I'm stuck until I can find a slot of time when I don't need the computer long enough to make this happen.) Thank you, Tristan
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