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  1. haha. ill buy it for everyone in my family malwarebytes deserves all the money they can get. and this is unrelated, but i want everyone who is an admin or mod to check this out. http://www.malwarebytes.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=37083 i wouldreally like it if i could do it, i will pay for it if i have to. (it will be a while before i can pay for anything though) please do not say anyhting bad, i think that this could help many people.
  2. everyone knows what a "rouge antivirus" is right? well a couple days ago my aunt had one, antivirus plus. one of the strongest ive seen so far. know why? well it dowent install it is "portable" so once its on your computer there is no way to stop it. well...one way, malwarebytes.org. best website that ive been to. well this rouge antivirus is smart. they knew that the first place i was going to go was this site, to get the best program to distroy it. well....malwarebytes was considered a dangerious webiste...i should have saw that comming. so instead i pluged my flashdrive in and used my portable FTP client to download it from there (was not on my site, just my FTP because i thought id need it) well i downloaded it and installed it, there was nothing that rouge antivirus could do about it. what i want to know, is who i can talk to, who can give me permission to have malwarebytes on my website? and more importently, how to get permission, but not get permoted for it? i know that i am not saposed to have this program on my site (i did not know untill a little bit ago, i am taking it off my site right after i post this) but i think that if someone is getting attacked, and they cant go to this site than they can go to mine. my site got around 400 people 2 weeks ago, than last week i got this: Total number of visitors in this period: 3547 Top 10 countries from where your website has been visited in this period: 1. U.S.A. - 1700 visitors. 2. Germany - 1490 visitors. 3. United Kingdom - 224 visitors. 4. Spain - 63 visitors. 5. Saudi Arabia - 20 visitors. 6. Romania - 11 visitors. 7. Ukraine - 10 visitors. 8. Philippines - 6 visitors. 9. Australia - 3 visitors. 10. Belgium - 2 visitors. i know that this isnt the best, and that malwarebytes.org gets more..but thats my point, right now i could only help a select few with this problem, but later it will be more. im pretty sure that my site is not going to be known for haveing malwarebytes on it, so i know that i wont get blocked. they have other sites to worry about. i want to put malwarebytes on my site, and i know i need permission. so can anyone help me with this? like i said i am taking this program off of my site when i send this post, i will not put it back up unless i get permission.
  3. wow malwarebytes is only $25? thats awesome, ill buy that when my google check comes =)
  4. and thanks for the links everyone =) im going to check all that out later tonight, im not feeling that great right now. =(
  5. and how do you know??? and he DID get banned. he messaged me later that day conferming that.
  6. well he got banned about 30 min after (i think) and he told me that i didnt do anything to get a perm ban, he said that a temp ban would be ok. and yes he was eaither a mod or an admin. thanks for telling my why though, i couldnt find out... and im going to take care of those im just buisy right now
  7. and do eaither of you have links to sites that have "schools" for malware removal and stuff (hijack logs and so on) ive been to bleepingcomputer.com, but a mod there told me that he didnt want to answer my question, so he closed my topic!!! so i kind of sent him a rude message...im banned. i went to geekstogo.com, and this mod on there helped me ALOT with my site. well they were having new mods come in, and they had awards from microsoft...this mod didnt, i was trying to defend him because they wanted to kick him out. he was very smart and he deserved to be on there, ive seen all the help he gave people....so im banned....messed up, but im banned =( those two have courses, and i know theres another i think its: malwareremoval.com. i have it in my bookmarks and im going to check that out later i want to see if there are more because i think this is something good for me to know.
  8. ohh thank you for that =) and my aunts problem is trust issures with me =( she thinks that i messed her computer up, and she has now idea what AV to get....but i do. so shes just gana give up =( do eaither of you have links to smoething that will tell her how importent it is to have protection? i had around 4 programs to protect her computer (only one of those was a AV) and well.....i dont know she thinks its ok because she will only be on myspace and facebook....and if you ask me your better off going to a site like mine, no one wil lwnat to take over my site and put virus's on it, but myspace and facebook...those are huge targets. you can get a virus so easy on those site. even google can be dangerious, they have gottin hijacked around 40 times (a friend said tha, im not sure if its true) so no matter where you go your in danger. i was thinking about making a PDF file with info on it, making it look like i didnt do it and than i was gana send it to her. this way she will read and understand it. my aunt is not dumb or even bad with computers, shes just...well i dont know...but shes helped me out alot and i think im pretty good with computers lol and how much memory does a normal ghost image take?
  9. yes i used to be a member on tech support guy and they tought me alot, including only one antivirus to a computer. and yes my aunt recently had a rouge anti virus, called antivirus plus. i got rid of it (thanks to malwarebytes) but she waited to long to tell me, and she left her computer on and connected to the internet. it got so infected that i tried to update (XP service pack 3) and when it was done...it would not get off of the boot screen. we fixed it now, i think. but shes decided to have no AV or any protection at all....she said she will just re install everything when she gets a infection. i told her that she will have to do that every day then, if shes lucky than itll only be every week. i think the problem was that the virus got so deep in her regestry that it was stoping her from turning on. she thinks that its my fault when she told me that she did not want me to run a "reg cleaner". i always go against "reg cleaners" but in this case i thought it was importent, i should have ran the scan. (ccleaner is the reg cleaner i put on) im pretty sure the problem is fixed, if not than i should have info on how to fix it from another forum i went to (just got banned yesterday for defending a mod that was going to get banned...)
  10. yes im going to defrag on friday. and how much does malwarebytes cost (full version) i would love to buy this program as soon as i can (id be a while though....no money)
  11. i run ccleaner every night (not the reg cleaner part of it) and i also erase my passwords and browser history (i go to alot of different places with my laptop, i dont need anything stolen). but i install many programs daily, so its going to go slow for me...sucks, but the scan is 1000000% worth it, malwarebytes is the best prgoram i have found so far, and i doubt anything can beat it or keep as updated as they do
  12. i would like to see malwarebytes protable some people have tried...but they failed really bad this would really help people like me who need the program on the go, so i can show people how it works, what it can do, and than where they can get it i garentee that if there is ap ortable version, you will get many more downloads
  13. my "quick scan" with malwarebytes is 15 min, full scan can be from an hour ro 2 hours. the reason could also be how much stuff is on your computer, i have my own website that deals with prgorams, so i end up with alot of programs, and alot of memory used up. malwarebytes dont take that long, i personaly love this program and tell everyone i know to get it, even if they say they have no problems...malwarebytes will find stuff others cant
  14. thank you, i have AVG Free, i think its really improved in the past 5 months, it iddnt really do much before, but now it finds alot more. i will check those anti virus's out, my aunts computer wont take AVG Free, but i might get that fixed
  15. ok, the reason it got so many was because i had norton, and my trial ran out....so i have that fixed. i run kaspersky virus removal tool, AVG Free, and malwarebytes more than once a week. when i first used malwarebytes it was about a year and a half ago, but now i know more about computers....alot more. i help people out who need help with their computers, i fixed my moms computer that had over 7 rough anti virus's, reg cleaners, and so much more with malwarebytes. thanks for the help thought =) and is there a portable version yet? i know that some people try to make it portable...but they dont compare to what the malwarebytes team can do
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