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  1. Hi exile360, Thanks for this good idea. I have now set scheduler to 3 different weeks, with different days and different objects. Means not all drive for each scan procedure. I think the problem is solved with this settings. And I close this case 👌 Thanks and a happy 2020
  2. Sorry, there is a mistake, correct questions should be: I'm using Windows 7 and Malwarebytes and I am not happy with the scan scheduler settings. Each day is too often for me, and once a week to long period. Is there any possibility to set one or 2 day intervalls
  3. Hi, scan scheduler settings. Each day is too often for me, and once a week to long period. Is there any possibility to set one or 2 day intervalls? Thanks in advance Muschel
  4. Hi, First of all, it works now. I used this file Y10A_C2-gdi-64-C1-de.exe 11,527KB to load the last driver for printer. But no success. THEN: I used the printer to scan to an usb-Stick and that was successfully, removed USB-Stick and restarted the printer. Tried to scan direct to PC and, Heureka, it works. Thank you very, very much for your help and patience. Please find below the last status of printer and driver. Kind regards Muschel from Switzerland
  5. Hi, I have used Malware support tool and attached it below. Then looked for description of TW006, but no success. I'm still not shure which tool shall I use for scanning documents: Paper port or Windows fax and scan. I will now wait for your info about the .zip file. Thanks in advance !! mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. Hi, Last infos, without any words....
  7. Hi, I have now connected the Printer over USB direct with the PC, no more over LAN. It shows more better. The Printer properities includes now scan profile as well; which was missing before. I will try tommorrow which scan tool help me to scan documents. Will inform you of course. Regards
  8. Forgot the version of Malwarebytes:
  9. Hi, I have Win7 PC and LAN connections to a MFC-J615W brother printer. Fax-,Print- and copy mode are working fine. But if I want to scan a document the error message occurs: check connention, printer could not be found etc. I searched the internet many hours to find out the reason, no success. Could it be, that Malwarebytes block this operation. I'm waiting for your information and thanks in advance (My nativer language is German....) Muschel
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