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  1. Malwarebytes (Premium) has started blocking an MS Excel Add-in: "Stock Connector" by Michael Saunders. This just began this morning. While the add-in still provides real-time stock prices, all access to the support website is now blocked as a "Malware Exploit...". See the attached file for details. This is the first time that I have encountered this issue. Thx, galileo mbam.txt
  2. Hallo mausschen19 I would agree with exile360's comment regarding the validity of the product sold by the seller. I have encountered this type of issue with purchasing software licenses. The seller may well not have been an authorized seller of Malwarebytes licenses and/or the license keys may well have been re-sold keys or stolen keys. "If" that is the case, I can confirm from personal experience that you are out of luck. It makes perfect sense that any software business would not support the use of stolen products - regardless of honest intent on the part of the purchaser. I sympathize with your frustration (...anger...) at being such a situation. It is not your fault...it is the fault of the seller - whether the seller was selling unauthorized or stolen licenses does not matter. What matters to the purchaser (you) is that you have been taken advantage of and, there is no true recourse. If the seller was also taken advantage of and is honorable enough to remedy the situation to the extent that they can, you may at least get your money refunded. Unfortunately, you purchased "Lifetime" licenses which are no longer sold by Malwarebytes. So, there is no real remedy available that would provide you with what you intended at the time you purchased the licenses. One thought...and it's a long shot...maybe...if you have all the documentation of your purchase...Malwarebytes would permit you to "legitimize" your licenses by paying (again) for "Lifetime" license keys direct from Malwarebytes...somewhat similar to what some software suppliers permit to legitimize licenses in the case of honest users who believed they were purchasing a legitimate product. Yes, you would be paying twice but, you may be able to legitimize the "Lifetime" licenses...which are no longer possible to obtain. As I said, it is a bit of a long shot but, it may be worth a private conversation directly with Malwarebytes support. Wieder Glück! galileo
  3. Perhaps I can offer you some hope that this "can" be resolved. I also had a difficult license issue with Malwarebytes regarding three lifetime licences. I did need to create a support ticket and had to provide copies of my purchase receipts and license key emails to the support staff to verify that I was the legal and true owner of each license. Each of my licenses were also purchased from Cleverbridge. The entire process took about three months to finally reach a successful resolution. Frustating, but successful nonetheless. One of the important issues in resolving this will be the email addresses that were used in your purchases. And, whether or not you created any account(s) with Malwarebytes to register and manage the licenses. The email address used at the time of purchase and the email address used for your Malwarebytes "My Account" MUST be the same - or the resolution of the license ownership will require Malwarebytes support to move the licenses into you current (or new) "My Account". Also, there have been ongoing issues with entering the older "Lifetime" licenses into the "My Account" system - which I encountered as well. Your situation sounds very similar to mine. I can say that it "can" be resolved...but, it will take some time to work through the issues with Malwarebytes support. I would suggest that you start by creating a support ticket with Malwarebytes support. Here is the link to the support ticket page: https://support.malwarebytes.com/ Viel Glück! galileo
  4. Thank you for following up. Nothing has appeared in my email from Malwarebytes other than posting notifications from this forum thread. I have checked spam/junk mail and nothing has been trapped there. The email address that this forum is using for me is the same email address that I provided to the chat agent earlier this week. That email address functioned properly for the chat agent to forward me the transcript of our chat. It would appear that email from Malwarebytes has been flowing correctly to that email address - with the exception of the email that you mention above. Is the escalated support team using the correct email address? Could you please verify the email address and have them forward the email again. Is there a phone number that I can use to contact support directly? Thanks.
  5. Ron: Thank you for checking into the issue, I do appreciate the effort. It is unfortunate that there has been no communication from whomever is dealing with the escalated issue. Thus, I am in the dark as to why this required escalation, how it is being addressed, and what the time frame is. Is this an internal data issue on the Malwarebytes end or is it something else? Some direct communication from the support folks would be appreciated. Thanks again!
  6. Unfortunately, I need to report back that the support staff have not followed through on completely resolving this issue. The response to support tickets has been non-existent unless I use a chat session to "push" getting the support ticket addressed. Additionally, the "Chat" session times that are noted on the Malwarebytes website are not being followed - and are frequently just not available. My particular issue is still in limbo as the chat agent could only complete the "fix" for one license even though the agent was provided with documentation for all of the licenses. Is there any way to escalate this issue and get to the finish line?
  7. Support ticket was answered today - partially - but not completely resolved per 24 to 48 hour propagation time. One license is now correctly showing up - others are yet to show up. I will check tomorrow afternoon (3/26) after 2:00 pm to verify that the other licenses have propagated. You are correct regarding the email address needing to be the same...this issue is in fact directly related to the original email address no longer being used. Thanks for the response! I will post back after giving the system time to propagate...😐
  8. Licenses are used on only one computer each - no duplication Licenses were deactivated prior to each time they were moved to a new computer or new Windows installation Licenses were purchased in December 2013 directly through Malwarebytes - still have the Cleverbridge invoices and order confirmations Licenses have been used on computers that - to anyone's "knowledge" - have never been compromised or had any "discovered" malware penetrations Will open a support ticket - want to get to the bottom of this and want to utilize the "My Account" for license management/control purposes Thanks for the observations...
  9. The license keys that I have are activated and in use on two of my computers - and have been for years. Below is what I receive when I attempt to add a key to "My Account": Not to repeat but, to be clear: these are my keys and they are and have been successfully in use for "years" and they are lifetime keys - not subscriptions. As is obvious, I have had no success in adding lifetime keys to "My Account". Am I missing something...?
  10. I have two lifetime license keys that I purchased years ago. Can those keys be added to "My Account" and can activation/deactivation be managed for the lifetime keys from "My Account"? The "My Account" pages seem to reference "Subscriptions" and managing subscriptions with no mention regarding the older lifetime licenses. Hence, my question.
  11. Thank you for your detailed reply! I do have Malwarebytes Premium (lifetime) installed on two machines. I have been using MBA since V1...since the "Threatfire" days. While I am aware of the additional available options, I have never enabled the number of MBA options that you have per your screenshots. I have run pretty much plain vanilla mode defaults. I take it that with the options you indicate as enabled, you aren't seeing any OS or performance or software interaction issues? I have always seen some small performance degradation with MBA but, have opined that the tradeoff versus security was worth that small performance hit. I am experimenting with Windows Insider builds and have been wanting to enhance the native W10 protection w/o installing MBA per se. Hence, my interest in what additional protection benefits these (MBAE & MBARW) offer versus native W10 security options. I am wondering if either or both of these result in more/less/same performance versus MBA. On the Insider builds, I run W10 without MBA, but with some enhanced Windows Defender settings (PUA, Block at first sight, MAPS, and Cloud protection level) - but not Controlled Folder Access, which I have found somewhat problematic due to unexpected interference with other apps...and, the fact that W10 does not notify when a CFA block occurs. It is from this perspective that I have been inquiring about what additional security/protection MBAE and MBARW provide. Any further observations would be appreciated.
  12. Thanks for the replies! Can you shed any light on what MBAE "enhances" versus Win 10's own security features?
  13. Given that MS has been weaving various ant-exploit protections into Windows 10 as it has been evolving: Does MBAE run properly under recent versions of Win 10? Is there any value to utilizing MBAE under recent versions of Win 10? Are there any problems or issues in utilizing MBAE in recent versions of Win 10? Are there any specific configuration settings that should be made to/in MBAE in Win 10? Are there any specific configuration settings that should be made to/in Windows 10 if using MBAE? Are there any specific apps/programs that should or shouldn't be shielded by MBAE in Win 10?
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