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  1. Fireball Adware

    Outstanding! @Malwarebytes: It would be useful if there were some type of news flash posting regarding recent, current, or new threats which MB3 protected against. Such a news feed could be built into MB3 as another tab...something out of the way of the main face of the program but available for seeing current protection for new threats if one wanted.
  2. Fireball Adware

    Does Malwarebytes with Component package 1.0.139 provide protection from this "plague"? If infected, can MB3 remove or quarantine it?
  3. Profile corruption

    @x64 ...mea culpa...I was referring not so much to your specific corruption issues as to the general issue of teasing out MBAM's potential role in "any" erroring scenarios. For some reason unbeknownst to me, I was generally associating your post regarding profile corruptions with related/ongoing "potential" MBAM issues. While your topic is related to what I was thinking of, you are certainly correct in that the test approach would not capture your hive mounting failure. Take a shot at Procmon again. Once you've been around the block, you have some knowledge of what potholes to avoid on the next to speak. I too have met that Murphy chap....and I wish him every success at completing what many consider to be an anatomically impossible feat...
  4. Profile corruption

    I had seen that as well - but thanks for the comment regardless. At the moment I do not have a suitable non-production test environment and have thus decided to wait on the production release that, I believe, is scheduled for this week.
  5. Profile corruption

    @ John A Fully agree with all said. I would suspect that it would certainly be likely that one may not even realize that profile corruption is occurring, much less that MBAM could be involved.
  6. Profile corruption

    @TONYBEE Good for you. I can say that I have not had any ongoing issues with MBAM 3 on either of my least not so far after several weeks. I did have an initial "Updates" issue on one system which resolved itself upon setting the program to check for updates before a scan and then starting a manual scan...the program updated and has been flawless thereafter. I should note that my two systems were bare metal installs with no prior installations of MBAM...although I had installed other software before I performed the MBAM installations. edit: I am not quite fully correct regarding the "flawlessness" of MBAM 3. There is the System Volume (shadow copy) issue that is still ongoing. The workaround being to disable "Ransomware Protection" prior to deleting shadow copies (i.e. System Restore points) and re-enable it afterwards.
  7. Profile corruption

    @ x64 I fully agree with your use of the word "insidious"! While - thankfully - I have not seen the particular issues you describe, I have had similar "insidious" (love that description) issues that are deeply embedded in the "plumbing" arise with various systems through the years. Your description of the profile corruption makes sense in that it builds upon the initial error thus propagating further and further errors (i.e. corruption) until the system finally collapses. Ponder this: Install a new system (bare metal) with only Windows; perform all Windows updates including going through every item in Device Manager one-by-one checking for driver updates (which, surprisingly btw, Windows does not necessarily fully complete even on a bare metal install); check Event Log for errors and correct all the issues that you can (mostly DCOM permissions); verify that you have no profile corruption(s) - if necessary burn in the system for a few days to accomplish this verification. Image this installation. Install only MBAM (v2 or v3); verify that MBAM is functioning correctly; give the system some time to run and update on its own to accomplish this. Check the Event Log and monitor the system for the types of misbehavior that seem to indicate some type(s) of corruption. Restore the image, install MBAM on the fresh image and cycle through another MBAM startup setting variation and verify that the system is stable. Finally, restore the image, install MBAM and now cycle through each of the MBAM startup settings without changing the image (i.e. exercise the full range of MBAM program settings without changing installations) and verify that the system is stable. If MBAM is "the" or "a" culprit, one can find either: The specific MBAM setting that generates an error instability, or That running through the range of MBAM settings is generating some type of error or instability. ...yes, this is actually a developer responsibility...but, this may help get to the root of what is initiating the profile corruption that you are seeing. It is also worth noting that as other software is installed on the system (even OEM drivers), those items could also start creating their own issues and potentially colliding with MBAM during the startup phase...the permutations are essentially endless and maddening... ...just some thoughts...
  8. Profile corruption

    @TONYBEE This is expected behavior - programs are not permitted to run as administrator (i.e. elevated ) automatically from "Startup" for security purposes. Take a look at the tutorial in the link below as workaround. This is from the "" website. Simply stated, create an elevated task in Task Scheduler to run your program, create a shortcut to run the elevated task, and finally create another task to run the shortcut at startup. Yes, it seems like your "reaching around your...." to accomplish what seems like a simple task. But, MS does not allow using the "Startup" folder to run elevated shortcuts. Aside from security issues, consider this simply from a mechanics perspective: how would a system continue to boot if it required the user to address a UAC prompt (which pauses all other system action) during the boot cycle? The only way to circumvent "clicking" a UAC prompt is to create a task that will "Run with highest privileges". Elevated Program Shortcut without UAC Prompt - Create - Windows 7 Forums btw: The "", "", and "" websites have a wealth of information and help for a multitude of Windows issues. There are many tutorials there that address a whole host of issues and customizations.
  9. Profile corruption

    @x64 & John A: I managed an SMB network (primarily W7P) on which I used MBAM (real-time) for over a decade and I currently have MBAM 3 (real-time) on two home machines (W10P 14393.693) and I have "never" seen any profile corruption issues on any installation related to MBAM. I don't doubt for a minute that x64 has seen such issues and that the MS mitigation for profile corruption is cumbersome and essentially ineffective in that it doesn't actually "cure" the issue. As many of us involved in system maintenance and malware mitigation have found, it is very much like the practice of medicine in that each "patient" is similar, but always different. However subtle, the differences in the installed software stack, machine customization, personalization, minor hardware differences, permissions, etc, etc, etc. - again, however subtle - can result in all manner of issues. Many times these are manifested as timing issues within the boot/startup cycle that can result in clashes and errors with perfectly clean running software. @Doctor9fan: Interestingly, delaying the early start of MBAM may well be a work around that avoids getting in the middle of boot and startup cycle timing issues. Delaying startup seems a reasonable solution prior to MBAM zeroing in on their issues. Although, it may ultimately prove futile against any underlying MS issues.
  10. - Updates are not current - SOLVED

    As a matter of course, I did do a reboot and this did not resolve or cure the updating issue. However, see my edit in the OP...problem solved... Thanks for the interest in helping.
  11. Installed over successfully. But, "Check for updates" results in no download of new updates and program reports "Updates are not current". Is this a known problem? Are there any known solutions? Running under Win10 Pro 14393.693. Edit: Upon executing a manual scan, the check for updates runs and successfully completes the updates as part of the scanning process. Tray icon indicates MBAM is fully up to date. Odd, but successful in the end....
  12. ""

    I was getting the same pop-up notifications. This was corrected immediately after manually kicking MBAM to do an update. All is now back to calm and normal.