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  1. Angoid...I have advised an Admin about your email and registration issue.
  2. I had referred Angoid here but he replied with an issue.
  3. The design looks great and the pages load faster for me than they did previously.
  4. Congratulations thisisu... another awesome addition to the Malwarebytes Team.
  5. That's fine but you obviously miss the entire point...you cannot conclusively call this proof.
  6. I by no means am defending this scaware. What I am saying is that it may not be sufficient to prove prima facie convincing evidence of deliberate violation of law. Until that is researched and confirmed by Malwarebytes' legal team, it is not proof positive. Burden of proof is placed on the prosecution not the defendant.
  7. As I commented in the BC topic...while a lot of that kind of information is similar (and used by many security vendors), unless I missed something, I do not see where there is a direct copy of the exact wording used on Malwarebytes' website. As such, it does not appear to be prima facie evidence of deliberate violation of law.
  8. Thank you for the clarafication. We still get quite a few folks who ask that question so I will make not of this Official statement of support for 1.75 for reference.
  9. There seems to be some conflicting information in regards to support of v1.75 What does Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.0 mean for me? AdvancedSetup, Root Admin Malwarebytes Forum, Post #169
  10. Thanks. I thought there was a problem....just wanted to confirm. And knowing the development team is always one step ahead...I figured they were already working to resolve this.
  11. Are manually updates still performed the same way...copying mbam-rules, database.conf after an update and transferring them to their respective folders on another computer? I have tried this several times and keep getting a message about the database being corrupt.
  12. HitmanPro.Alert warns when malware has intruded your browser. Alert will not block malware. It is not an antivirus. 1. The Intruder feature is only for web browsers when they are open. Intrusions happening while browser is open, will be detected and an alert will be displayed. Intrusion is not blocked. 2. Alert's CryptoGuard is a system-wide real-time feature that will block encryption of files even when no browsers are open. In fact, browsers are totally unrelated to CryptoGuard. The CryptoGuard feature protects all documents and files on the computer. Alert will not blocked the infection bu
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