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  1. @Maurice Naggar Thanks! It looks like they have updated the database and it just took some time to propagate to the clients. I'm getting reports that the issue has ceased.
  2. What do we do if we are a MSP managing hundreds of endpoints through OneView (which is currently down)? I can't even submit a ticket let alone push updates to client machines. This is on the dashboard of OneView. We are aware of longer load times accessing certain pages in the console and are actively working to resolve the issue. Your endpoints remain protected as configured via your policies. Our apologies for the inconvenience.
  3. Same here. I have hundreds of endpoints freaking out right now. We are on Oneview and running endpoint security.
  4. Thanks for such a crazy fast response. I started doing that earlier, but when it comes to "Your issue", there isn't anything regarding infections. It's just things like Feature Requests, Billing, Reporting a False Positive, etc. There is no option to request support for an infection.
  5. This computer is running Endpoint Protection, with Protection Service v4.5.12.204. Nebula shows no issues and a threat scan shows no results. However, every time a Google search is performed in Chrome there is a "Website Blocked" message for Riskware.Web. The domain this time is s4.histats.com (IP Sometimes the domain is blank. Previously it was prodfliying.com (IP ADWCleaner comes up with nothing other than the two PuPs both belonging to Dell. Last Nebula scan showing Origin - Cloud Console came up clean. Thanks! Riskware Detection Data Detection Name: Riskware Action Taken: Blocked Category: Website Scanned At: 08/23/2022 6:08:07 PM Reported At: 08/23/2022 6:08:08 PM Process Name: C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe Type: Outbound Connection Endpoint: AI-CIO-01.artistic.local Domain: s4.histats.com Group Name: Default Group IP Address: Port: 443
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