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  1. This does not disable the tray icon. With the free version if you use the on demand scan the tray application still runs, despite it being 100% useless. To prevent the tray application from running you need to change the security settings so nothing can access the application, which requires an administrator account. Open the task manager while malwarebytes is running. Right click "malwarebytes tray application" and select "open file location". Right click mbamtray.exe and select Properties. On the Security tab click the edit button, and in the new window that opens click Add. Type "Everyone" in the box, click Check Names, then click OK. In the "Group or user names:" field select Everyone, then check the box for Full Control under Deny. Click Apply then close out of those windows. Congratulations, the tray application will no longer start, and the program still works as intended as an on-demand scanner. I've not checked if this breaks updates or not. It should break updates, as nothing can access the file, including an updater. Y'all really need to give us the option to turn it off entirely. I don't have premium. I don't have realtime protection. The tray application does nothing useful whatsoever, even as a shortcut to the program. 2 clicks from the tray is no different than 2 clicks to get to it in the start menu, or 2 clicks to launch a desktop shortcut. It's using resources for no reason, and do you really consider that a feature?
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