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  1. No help needed for now. issue is due to malwarebytes and kaspersky protection issues.
  2. can confirm disabling ransomware protection work. No need to delay malwarebytes from startup.
  3. So this is what was causing problems to my PC.. i had to reinstall my PC. it and the issue keep coming back. Chrome/Thunderbird/Spotfiy all doesnt work.. Using Kaspersky free and malwarebytes premium. in the meantime i have disable malwabrebytes on startup till issue is resolve.
  4. I'm having issue running spotify /thunderbird and chrome. this 3 app constantly crash/hang when i open it. I have tried reformatting the computer but the issue came back. booting in safe mode with networking. i manage to get spotify and Thunderbird running unlike during normal boot where it will instantly hang. I have test my ram using mdsched.exe and there is no issue SysnativeFileCollectionApp.zip
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