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    Giant Robots, J-Rock and Bunny Girls, for they are a man's romance! The east burns red with the breeze of kings as they work tirelessly to create new manly symbols that will shatter the heavens. Their hands burn with an awesome power. Its loud roar tells them to spread arousing animationaround ZA WARUDO!
  1. So there's already a thread about this, huh? I've been having the same memory leak problem. Most recently it violated my RAM with its huge memory usage after a healthy session of marathoning youtube videos in firefox with multiple video tabs open at all times. The service climbed to 300k in memory, but on the bottom it said it was using about 500M. I disabled the service in the task bar and nothing happened. I right clicked the icon and hit exit. My memory was stil being eaten up so I had to go to the task manager and directly nuke the process just to free up space. I can't have no 500M
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