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  1. Thanks Pbust for your reply. You are quite right, i must admit. Congratulations to the trustworthy development team then. My stupid comment was as if i only looked at the glass as half-empty when YOU will look at it as half-full! LOL Sorry! Cheers, Herve
  2. Hi all , There are many known issues and conflicts with MBAE...too many IMHO! At this stage of its development, is it wise to install it? Will the next version solve these bugs in the near future? Thanks for your replies. Best regards, Herve
  3. Hello Sorry if the following problem has been already reported. With MBAE Beta installed together with MBAM registered,, after each reboot, Windows detects errors with MBAE with a .wer report. How to solve this issue on my system? Thanks for your help. Cheers, Herve
  4. Since we can't edit in this forum.... just a new post to thank you Ron, for your greetings as i am a new member, but not a newbie in computing ) , for your courtesy (Is it so difficult to say "hello" here?), for having doubts about my registration... and finally for reading my first post through! I hope i will get accustomed to the use in this forum, if i don't quit it in the meantime... Regards, Herve
  5. Hello AdvancedSetup , I am indeed a registered user.. But in which tab can you see; a TRUE automatic update as soon as new definitions are released and a schedule for a FULL SCAN? Sorry.. but in the protection/scheduling tab, you can only schedule: -an update at a PRECISE hour of the day... when MBAM provides several updates a day... -a QUICK SCAN at a precise hour of the day... No FULL scan you could schedule daily or weekly or monthly! FULL scan be performed manually only! Are you too a regisrered user? Cheers, Herve
  6. Hello all :-) I am a registered user of your software and a much satisfied customer. It would be such an an improvement for those who choose to use it real-time, to release the next upcoming version 1.44 with 2 new modules: - An automatic update since you provide new definitions several times a day. - A schedule for a full scan (daily, weekly...). Thanks. Best regards, Herve PS: Sorry if this suggestion has already been posted
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