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  1. November, 24th, 2021 Good evening to all, I performed a scan this evening with Malwarebytes and the scan result was somewhat vague and did not in fact inform me if I should delete, quarantine, mail to Siberia or napalm the offending programs. I had my doubts as to whether Bit Torrent was in fact harmful, unless they surreptitiously implanted malware into their coding, as many of my friends use the programs. Is it possible, that someone with some expertise in the dissemination of programs/apps that are to be considered harmful or not. The scan result is in .txt format and is attached. I must let you know upfront the number of of programs selected were only 4 or so, so it's not like a tedious task to go through it by any means. Thanks to to whomever chooses to assist and this is my first post as a new member. Have a fantastic day to you all! R.C. Rothman Malwarebytes Scan Results 11-24-2021.txt
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