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  1. lol ok seriously, i have found something new, i think, really! please keep the pc lingo basic illini team if you respond(4 all of us) ok, i restarted pc memory at 46000k 1hr later it was at 11700k or something like that and always climbing within a second. then i opened mlb and clicked update,(check for updates) and it updated when my memory showed 117428k. it stayed at this level(exactly) for about 5 minutes then started creeping again. never before can the creeping be stopped, even for a sec but this did. huh? here me out: in the past i never clicked update. never!
  2. ok, last one, i promise. just trying to make light of a serious problem. i know your trying to figure this out. it is quite fascinating though how it just keeps going and going.
  3. all u smart pc guys will fix this within a week. ill just sit back and read.
  4. i can only wait for a fix. my pc is no lab rat for testing. so that regedit test didnt work? or did it? these forums are hard to understand/layout etc. so i will just wait for solution i guess. 200,000k now, wonderful.
  5. dont feel comfortable doing that kind of stuff nor should any of us. we should not have to alter our pc. cant that be done in an update?
  6. to the experts: just tell me if there is a solution. other people: too much off topic crap by everyone, im lost. stop talking about antivirus,what pc u have, what operating system etc... mawareytes new update created this problem not the users or their equipment. im tired of this problem. im nearing 180,000k after 5 hours. 622,000k was highest. should i try for 1,000,000? i need my pc on for days. cant reboot every.... where will you show the solution? on main website, or here? cant tell who i should listen to or who to trust.
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