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  1. Greetings Exile, You are correct. I have shutdown mbamgui.exe with task manager and started it again. Now it works! As long I can solve it easily without much trouble It's ok with me. thank you very much for explanation best regards Faraway.
  2. In fact,the problem is still there. I can't interact with a rightclick on the trayicon or a double click on that icon to open malwarebytes. From startmenu malwarebytes starts fine and scans dont give any errors. If you or someone from expert team has any suggestion for me,Im listening.. /regards Faraway
  3. Just have followed your suggestions. Can't really say if it solved the problem as it happened only a few times before. If the problem returns/persists somehow I will let you know. Until then,thank you for your kind help. /cheers Faraway
  4. Have read FAQ for common issues but did not find solution. Sometimes! malwarebytes (registered) tray icon can't be interacted with. Program still can be started with exe or startmenu but no options from right-click in tray icon available. The icon sits in tray but left or right-click on the icon gives no response. Most of the time a windows restart makes the difference and then it works again. Using windows 7 [32 bit] & Eset smart-security both fully updated. No infections shown after complete scans. How to find out what is causing the trouble? tyvm
  5. http://www.xguitar.com/guitar-tabs/metalli...ter_sandman.txt When trying to access it fails. I have to disable IP blocking to get to it. This isnt the first site I get this with IP block utility,had several before but at first I thought it was an exception... it seems it is not. thank you, best regards
  6. Ah okay,sry my mistake.. will do next time
  7. Ive sent answer to your private mail (my PC is using windows XP) but in private mail [sent box] there are no messages found while there should be my answer to you?
  8. Private message sent. thank you, best regards
  9. Hello Mbam working flawlessly except scheduled updates in my registered version. Ive checked FAQ and other topics but didnt see a solution but maybe I overlooked. If I wait for the installed time (or when I log in a little later and the time installed already passed) in protection tab to get updates nothing happens,while the two options 'start with windows and start scheduled tasks minimized (no errors too) but when I try manual update then the update comes in fine. Using ESET internet security. Ive checked internet explorer and put a check at 'detect settings automatically' and no check at proxy thingie,so no error there. I probably do something wrong... Any suggestions for me? Thank you, /best regards
  10. Thank you both for the suggestions. I will have a look and see what fits me best as long as it not bloated like nero and does the job without errors and not interfering with other programs.
  11. I use the registered (recently bought) Mbam with ip and protection module to 'on' but when I try to burn with nero 6.6 (yes old version still) then the burning says 'failed (no err number of other info)' and it happens very regularly but not always. Then I put mbam 'enable protection' in sys-tray to 'off' and start burning discs and I have no error at all,no failed no nothing. All discs are perfect. Nero as well as mbam dont give any error messages (except for the word 'failed' from nero). Is there any opensource burn software (that doesnt have this conflict with mbam)? Mbam is a very good program you make! ty
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