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  1. I need to go eat. I'll leave this website open for tomorrow. This is just really stupid and weird.
  2. I really have no idea how to even address this pain in the neck issue. The program really found no errors?
  3. I get that. My computer tried to stop it from running, I had to use more info, run anyway.
  4. I have no idea why my MWB is showing a 192 or internal IP address, this makes no sense!
  5. I hate computers. Well Trust it! I can't create PDF's of ANYTHING until it's fixed! Clicking randomly apparently I hit clear all. -_- Great.
  6. https://sta.modiphiusapps.hostinguk.org/index.html This website worked yesterday. Why is this website suddenly so blacklisted I can't even download PDF's made from its site? Please fix, white list this site already. Even turning off protections solves nothing. I am not pleased at all, this website is literally a gaming tool for GM's and Players to build PDF files to easily print and use. I cannot use it if your DAMN program blocks it all!
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