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  1. I've checked my account and it only shows the reference number for the new subscription, but it tells me it's already expired. They didn't give me a new license key though, it remained the same as the old subscription, which I found weird at the time, but I thought it would eventually add more days to it, the same way bitdefender does.
  2. I first bought Malwarebytes Premium with a 2 year subscription for one device on Oct 4 2019 (Reference no.: 105161000), so it was due to expire on Oct 4 2021. And it did expire. Before the expiration date though, on May 19 2021 I bought a new 2 year subscription of malwarebytes premium + malwarebytes privacy for five devices (Reference no.: 152402232). The problem is, both subscriptions had the same activation key, I've even opened a ticket on May 20 2021 (ticket 3466078) about this, because I thought it would add days to my old subscription, but it didn't. All I got was an automated response to that ticket and the issue was not resolved. Now that the old subscription has expired, I cannot activate the new subscription I bought earlier this year. I've tried to open a ticket (ticket 3605348) and Rob C from support marked the issue as solved and gave me a link to buy a new subscription, but I haven't even began using the new one I bought this year, which is supposed to expire only on May 19 2023. Rob C. gave me 5 more days to buy a new subscription before it expires with a price 6 times higher than what I've previously paid for, this whole thing is ridiculous. It's frustrating that I've been over a week without malwarebytes privacy and malwarebytes premium on all my devices, it's even more frustrating that I have zero support, that takes forever to answer and when they do answer they don't solve anything and tell me to buy a thing I've already bought and wasn't even able to use. I feel like I've been scammed by Malwarebytes, either that or they clearly have a problem with their license platform and their customer support. Can anybody help me, please? I don't want to stay another week without the services I've already purchased and am unable to use. I've submitted a new ticket today (no 3611398) in hope to solve this, but last time it took six days and didn't solve anything.
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