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  1. Well, since there is no reversing the .koom encryption I have deleted everything with that extension, cleaned the registry, emptied the recycle bin, ran Malwarebytes repeatable until it comes up clean, and then did it all again in safe mode, then reformatted the D: drive. The most important files were backed up on my website domain web server, the other stuff that wasn't backed up simply because of the amount of files was a huge collection of music files. Oh well, so it goes.
  2. The id-ransomware site recommended downloading/installing the Emsisoft decriptor which I had alrady done. That app is just about as bad as any ransomware - they scan your computer, give you a report, then tell you to buy the software before it will do anything worthwhile. I hate that *****.
  3. Thanks for the reply, I was afraid that was the response. There are many websites purporting to have a tool that can fix the situation but from what I've seen many, if not most, appear so similar they are probably all the same source with many different url's. And so far the one tool I've tried has been nothing but bs. I do have most, but not all, backed up as there was just too many to reasonably back up offline, at least the important stuff is still available from the backups.
  4. I got infected by something that has changed the extensions of my files on my D:\ drive to .koom, a search shows it to be some kind of ransomware of the STOP/DJVU type, I don't know what that means. Anyway, I downloaded and installed Malwarebytes and I've run it at least 4 times and I still see the hijacked files. What must I do to fix this?
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