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  1. I've restarted it multiple times and it seems the adware remains gone, i will update if it comes back again but if it doesn't, thanks for the help!
  2. I accidentally cancelled the first MSRT scan but then left it scanning over night, saying it just in case it affects anythingFixlog.txt msert.log
  3. adwcleaner didnt ask to reset since it didnt detect anything, here are the filesMWBScan.txtAdwCleaner[C19].txtFRST.txtAddition.txt
  4. Some time ago I got an adware that was showing ads for sites when i used google search and preventing a site i frequently use from working. When I inquired on it I first tried with Adwcleaner, it detected something and I deleted any unwanted extensions from Chrome and the adware was gone... temporarily, it came back after a few days and adwcleaner couldn't detect it anymore and i was stuck in the problem again. Here's adw's first scan AdwCleaner[S00].txt Then comes Zemana AntiMalware, while googling for solutions i came across some old topics that suggested this to another user, and when i tried it also worked... but only for a few days again. After that Zemana detects it and deletes it but it comes back when i boot up again so now i'm stuck in this cycle. Here's the first zemana report and here's the latest scan report, everytime i delete these always get scanned
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