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  1. Hey thanks for the reply! I haven't tried your solution, but I solved the problem already following this comment from https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/i-got-infected-with-a-virus-and-it-disabled-access/d2758299-5ab8-40a5-a72b-0d3872847894 Appreciated your reply man 👍
  2. I got this virus when I was installing editing program from a website, When I finished installing through the setup suddenly command prompt starts to open and close by itself and my laptop restarted by itself for multiple times. then when I turned on my laptop again i noticed my laptop fan is louder than usual and my browser got popup ads every 1 hour the ads are just white and the url I saw is huminee.com I heard it's a well known virus over the internet. So I quickly deleted all the files that I downloaded but the problem is still there. and overtime my laptop started to lag. I opened virus and threat protection to scan for virus but it said "your IT administrator has limited access to some areas of this app, and the item you tried to accsess is not available, contact IT help desk for more information" I downloaded malwarebytes and the software wont open it said "unable to connect the server", its the same with every other antivirus softwares I tried everything like bitdefender ,mcafee, avg, avira, gridinsoft, etc. also I don't have any restore point because I never created one, I'm on windows 10 So I suspect that this virus disabled all access to security related softwares. Then how do I get rid of this virus?
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