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  1. As requested. And do not worry I'm here till all is solved. Thanks a million! Fixlog.txt
  2. Yeah I had came across at least on of those articles while doing a little reading up on the results, or lack thereof, so I understand what they're saying (though a, 18 struck me as high, and b, were I a "good" bad guy I'd read these same things and do my best to circumvent). Just odd because some of the let's say anomalous activities on my pc just seem to be happening more often and a reset didn't help, actually it did a little I think but only briefly. And Defender alerting to a Trojan, but then responding oddly (the weird flashing screens where I clearly see a different unaltered screen 'behind' what's displaying, i.e. that VERY odd Update behavior I described briefly previously etc.) has happened a couple of times now and has seemed to immediately precede the funky behavior (definitely seems Edge related but as it is really the main way in/out of the "real world" I guess that's to be expected?) Anyhow requested is below, I did not delete Quickset yet as I understand it to be essential to my Tablet function working correctly, though maybe this is referring to an altered / malicious version or something I do not know, I wanted to wait for your take (*Actually that just rang a bell of something else odd I had totally forgot about: Please look at the attached picture for simplest explanation, I have NEVER seen something like that in Windows environment.) Apologies again for the length I know you're super busy I just wanted to make sure you have a sense of where I 'think' things stand on this end. Thanks an absolute million again Maurice! AdwCleaner[S06].txt
  3. Apologies for how long it took to get this back to you work called me away. :( Attached is the msert log; I did stay up and watch it for a few hours and saw "Infected files" get as high as ~18 before the final verdict of 0...? Also, I did all you asked with Edge including it being shut during msert, as well as the windows reset (and recently creation of a new user profile, that was right before reaching out to you). That being said the odd or "possessed" behavior is definitely seeming to amplify. :( As to Edge by the way, I have suspected it to have some issues if not being at the root for awhile; somewhat 'just a feeling' but also it behaves erratically and while doing things like setting up Start Menu/shortcuts I swear there are multiple, totally separate, but not always seen, instances of Edge on my pc at times. Anyhow sorry so long and I am front and center, (and doing best to stay calm even though seeing some odd behavior) for any additional instruction; thank you again so much M! msert.log
  4. Okay M, I am on the list of provided actions; I will perform these, and no other, and post requested as soon as I see it is available. Thank you so much, I am definitely feeling a bit better about the situation now! PS: Oh couple more irregularities just started occurring: Taskbar seems like possessed for lack of a better term, it locks and unlocks when it wants (not auto-hide, actual locking) and will not allow me to do either; also color all of a sudden crazy. These things just started occurring. Back as soon as I have the requested. B
  5. Thank you for the calming words first of all! I am Brandon and please feel free to call me same. Attaching what you requested. I did try the Start Actions process but nothing was there (after pushing that is)...? Currently shows the two items as the two screenshots attached show, And I can't say enough: Thank you SO Much! mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. here is one more shot that may offer a little more info... And I forgot to say, Thank you so much in advance for any assistance! (sorry I'm just really flustered this morning by this) ,
  7. So i have recently, maybe a week, had some unexpected behavior (freezes, launches, etc.) and then this morning Edge (my primary browser) was just gone and Defender showed Trojan found but not remediated (pic attached of one view, at least name is there if not all details). I tried scans with MB and normal Defender finding nothing but a few weird things Virus still shows in history, for the first time ever System Restore failed/errored out, and Defender Offline runs but then is cancelled somehow programmatically, maybe the virus' work, and finally whenever I try to Windows Update just for a brief second, less than actually, I see updates available, or even some sort of bold red message, but then the screen sorta flashes and it says No Updates All Good (my verbiage obviously but you get the idea). I'm really freaking as i need this PC for work reasons and it seems this problem, or associated have been with me for awhile and are starting to get worse. Oh and I have done a Repair Install, created a new user profile, etc. with no joy ... Just wanted to ensure any assistance would be provided knowing I tried my best and didn't just run straight here.
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