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  1. Hello, thank You, I was just a surprised just how many images were getting blocked. I am very happy to know that it's not a problem on my side. Thank You very much for Your help
  2. Hello, I do not want to post the link here, because it links to the online lectures from my school, but basically it's a link to an unlisted youtube playlist with livestreams from the different lecture rooms shortened through 1url.cz and malwarebytes says outbound trojan. It also blocks the site on my brother's PC. So I just wanted to know if the problem is on my end. I was wondering that it may be on my end because a LOT of sites were getting blocked, mostly when i was looking at google images. I posted the malwarebytes logs a few post earlier. Thank You
  3. Hello, I uninstalled or updated most of the programs you listed. Also I once again tried to acces one of the blocked sites (one that I know is safe) and it's still blocked. Thank You
  4. Hello, here are the files. Thank You Fixlog.txt SecurityCheck.txt
  5. Hello, sorry about that. The files' "last edited" time changed so i thought they were updated. I deleted them and ran the scan again. Thank You FRST.txt Addition.txt
  6. Hello, her are the files. Thank You FRST.txt Addition.txt
  7. Hello, my LogMeIn Hamachi is up to date. If I download a new installer, it would install the same version. I will run the fix now. Thank You
  8. Hello, I use LogMeIn Hamachi to play some games with friends. I also ran the DSKCHK. Is there a log somewhere that I can attach? Thank You
  9. Hello, MCEdit was a world edit tool for Minecraft back when I used to play it. But I don’t think it works anymore. I want to remove it but I cannot find it in the directory C:\Users\Gamer\Desktop\ . The old anticheat is probably used by Battlefield 4 as I sometimes play it with friends. I had some issues with it some time ago so I removed it and this is probably the one the game downloaded during first start of the game after I removed it. I also ran the fix so I attached the fix log. Thank You Fixlog.txt
  10. Hello, the KVRT scan took over ten hours but did not find anything. I also attached the new FRST and Addition files. Thank YouAddition.txtFRST.txt
  11. Hello, the link You sent me wasn't working so I downloaded the Kaspersky Free Virus Removal Tool from the Kaspersky website an am running it now. It will take a while so I'll be back when it finishes. Also I apologize for the late replies but unfortunately here in Europe I am in a completely different time zone. Thank You
  12. Hello, I uninstalled the two programs and restarted my pc, the problem is still there. I also rerun the MiniToolBox and attached the result file. Thank You MTB.txt
  13. Hello, I did what the information in the link said (in part A there was no Policies\Google\Chrome registry. In part B everything was set to default so I also did part C and removed the folders) and the problem still persists. I also installed Firefox and that also gets blocked by Malwarebytes. I attached the Firefox warning. Thank You firefox_warning.txt
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