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  1. Thanks for that, but it's beginning to sound like a lot of messing about for everyone. I've spent too much time on this computer already, getting it back to a working state. And I'm only going to use it to send emails and watch Instructional videos for handyman jobs. Solving computer problems is a pain in the butt for me, even with expert help. But thanks again.
  2. Well, I'm not an expert and the steps that were given were a bit above my skill level. Also I'm not keen on removing Avast. Looks like I'll have to cop it sweet, take my losses, and just go with the Legacy version. I'm not too worried about malware anyway because from now on I'm only ever going to go online to get "Instruction videos" for various odd-jobs I have to do. I never buy anything online! In fact the last time I bought something, it was Malwarebytes Premium.
  3. Well, that didn't work. I missed the fabled "Window of Opportunity" to upgrade to Win 10 for free, (story of my life...😒) So I've submitted a Ticket and I'll wait to hear. Thanks again.
  4. Okay, Porthos, I'll do that. Sounds like the way to go. At the present I'm trying Captain Kirk's suggestions for getting old Windows 7 Updates. I'm going to need them sooner or later, for something or other, I think. 😊
  5. Wow, thank you all for your replies. I really didn't think I had a hope. I'll try all those options, thanks. I'm not really fussed on Win 10, but I'll be very glad if I can upgrade free. Didn't think that was possible. Meanwhile I'll keep looking through my dusty collection of antique thumb drives to see if I can find my record of purchase of MWB Premium. As I said, I have the licence key and ID, but I need to find the email receipt. And for that I need to know which email address I was using when I first signed on here and bought. Thanks again! 😊
  6. Hi. I've used the Support Tool, and I attach the Grab Results. I have to add that I don't recall the email address that I used back then, when I bought the Program. I'm currently searching through my external HDDs to see if I can find the email I received from Cleverbridge at the time. I do remember getting it. But even when I find it, I expect I still won't be able to register/activate the program on this computer, because it still won't have the required Windows updates. Very frustrating problem, and I really hope you can suggest some way for me to solve it. Thanks. mbst-grab-results.zip
  7. Hi, All. I think I'm right outta luck with this, but I'll give it a go. I bought Premium 3.0 MWB several years ago, and installed it on my previous laptop. Now that machine has finally gone to meet its manufacturer. Luckily I still had another laptop that I was using solely for writing etc.. So I've dug it out, done a bit of housekeeping on it, and dedicated it to solely online use. Naturally, I wanted to put anti-malware on it. Unfortunately, this laptop is running Windows 7, and for the entire time that I was only using it for writing, I never put it online. You can see what I'm going to say, I'm sure. This system never received Windows updates since I stopped using it online. Yes, I know, dumb.. But I downloaded MWB and went to install it, and of course I got the message that this machine needs a Windows update in order to be able to install MWB.. To cut a long story short, I've looked all over to find some way to get that update from somewhere. No luck. I resorted to downloading the Legacy edition and it's good. But I still have the Licence Key and Licence ID for Premium 3, but obviously I can't use them to register/activate it. So, my question is, "Is there any SAFE way to get a Windows 7 update at this late stage? Or, failing that, do the developers of MWB have a way to facilitate the registering of an installation on a machine that lacks the required Windows updates? Asking for the moon, I know... 😔 Thanks.
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