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  1. I will do that in a couple days. I have to get through some items on my to-do list before I take a chance of breaking my computer again. Linnea
  2. Thank you all for chiming in. I believe it's the Malwarebytes application that's causing the problem as it's the only program I added or changed just before the problem occurred. I deactivated the license and disabled Full Disk Access for Malwarebytes and I can magically download files from AOL again. I am running Big Sur 11.5 on my 2019 21.5" iMac with a 3GHz Intel Core I5 chip. I tried 6 times yesterday to update to 11.6, but without luck and will try again today. I had the same problem downloading attachments from AOL using both the Safari and Firefox browsers, which are both up-to-date. It's possible that because I was running a free version of Malwarebytes on the computer and activated the license from that window, that there was some difficulty introduced because of the older free version. I will try downloading the most up-to-date version of the DMG file from the company website and installing that after I finish updating the OS to 11.6.
  3. I just installed Malwarebytes Premium 4.0 on my iMac and I can no longer download attachments from AOL messages. At first I got a warning box saying the website wasn't safe. Now I just click on the attachment and nothing happens. If I forward the message to a Gmail account, I have no trouble downloading the attachment. I tried looking on the Support forums for how to create exceptions, but there doesn't seem to be any way to access the "Detection History card" that is referenced there. When I open Malwarebytes from the icon in my menu bar, the only options I have available do NOT include any way to create exceptions. I'm going to disable the extra protections in Malwarebytes to see if that helps, but this is NOT a long-term solution. I know using AOL is very old school, but I've had the account for 25 years and I'm not going to the trouble of transferring hundreds of contacts and accounts to another e-mail. Help!!
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