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  1. fspriggs

    DNS Leaks?

    @AdvancedSetup I just sent them. Thanks.
  2. fspriggs

    DNS Leaks?

    @AdvancedSetup There's a lot of information in these logs. What kind of information is being collected? Regarding privacy, is there anything in the logs that someone could use to compromise my machine or information sent via this machine in the future? Thank you.
  3. fspriggs

    DNS Leaks?

    I saw the leaks when using Chrome and Edge.
  4. fspriggs

    DNS Leaks?

    @AdvancedSetup My ISP is Frontier Communications. Should I be connected to the VPN when I run the support tool? For my privacy, is there a place I can send the log to instead of posting it here in the reply?
  5. fspriggs

    DNS Leaks?

    No change, @AdvancedSetup I restarted, connected, and experienced the same leaks using both Chrome and Edge browsers. Last week I had an issue with the VPN reaching any sites at all, I put in a ticket. The help desk told me to gather privacy logs with the support tool, and after that we reinstalled the VPN software using the old wintun driver (MBPrivacySetup.exe /usewintun). I replied to the ticket with a copy of the test. There shouldn't be any leaks, right? That's the purpose of a VPN, correct? Thank you!
  6. fspriggs

    DNS Leaks?

    I'm connected to the Malwarebytes Privacy VPN, Miami FL Server. When I run an extended DNS leak test on www.dnsleaktest.com, I see many servers from my ISP. The DNS leak test clearly says if you see any servers that are not provided by your VPN service, then you have a DNS leak. I've run this test before and only seen servers from M247, which I assume is Malwarebytes. What gives here? Is this VPN not working properly? How can this be resolved? Thanks!
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