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  1. Sir, I have already scanned using MalwareBytes. It's included in the OP, but it won't hurt sending a new one. Also the "AdwCleaner" found some stuff but it did not automatically restart the PC, I know it doesn't sound serious but is it something that I should be worried about? CHECK(4FRST) MalwareByte Report.txt AdwCleaner[C00].txt Addition.txt FRST.txt
  2. So, I think this might be because of an...illegal torrent that I happened to download~ uh Adobe Photoshop. It all started on Wedensday evening when I installed that ..."cracked" program. It began 15 minutes after the installtion though...at first I didn't think much of it untill it began interrupting me while watching stuff or playing, so I turned off the computer and went to sleep, hoping that this sh+t will be over by the next day. Turnt up the computer, boom. I am met with Vijasc or whatever thought it was strange but not suspicious untill several other CMDS started popping up 3 seconds later all at the same time--all but one were "blanks. Couldn't read it though because it goes just as fast as it comes. Several hours ago I decided to take this serious and began "doing the cleaning" in hopes of getting rid of this sh; I scanned and restarted the system (when I used the Malwarebyte application), I then proceeded to log in and was met by the CMD shown in the picture. Also reports P.S Apologiez for being incohrent and all over the place. MPT Threat Results.txt Rkill.txt
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