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  1. Not looking for it to be configured... I'm asking where did it come from? I don't know how to configure such things
  2. like i said Web Server.. notice what is Denied applicationHostbk.config.txt
  3. Thank you in advanced May I add... DefaultAccount which i believe should be hidden however; now it's under Family and other users 🤔 FRST_09-09-2021 17.38.56.txt Addition_09-09-2021 17.38.56.txt
  4. Hello I don't know where to begin. I notice my laptop is label is console these and and My Computer or This PC feels like I am working remotely and I no longer have control of so many settings and some of them don't even come up in Settings. Sometimes I see in red "some of these settings are controlled by your organization." What? It's just me and I am the administrator and owner of my laptop. I am even logged in as an admin I still can't change things or I don't even see setting available. I have been hacked a few times and I have experienced settings changing while I am working on my PC. like... Why is it can no longer see the menu bar even though I pinned it over and over. Why is it that out of no where displayed text, radios, check boxes, et al are the same color as the background in the application or settings page or webpage that i have visited before?!?! White on white or Black on black. Even buttons that i must click in order to proceed to next page..their labelled text and borders are the same color so i don't even know that it's there or where it is. A few times I used the tab button and have found this hidden features. The tab sequence highlights them but I still don't know if I am clicking on OK or Cancel. I have used other HP's or have gone into a BestBuy to see the same model on display and noticed that Yeah something is not right with my computer. My McAfee would be missing important features that referred on their own support website. I would check Task Mgr, Services, MCC and I would see the things like web server running locally, Play to Rendering, Multipoint or Mirrorcast, broadcast, Multicast running, and services that I would think would be useful like Logging of such events disabled. I have seen expired certificates ignored. I have seen Remote Desktop procedures and protocols enabled and running on Windows 10 Home when it clearly states that this is not supported in Win 10 Home AND it looks greyed out in Settings. So I upgraded to Pro version. I am no networking expert and found Groups like Restricted Packages given All access. I have noticed so many things labelled ***host***. What am I hosting? How and why? Why when get close to finding something then my computer crashes. Even things like shortcut hotkeys become active with annoying unknown attributes that cause things to happen while I am working that mess up everything that i am doing. LIke why would suddenly ctrl A do something other than select All. Even things like Autofill would out of nowhere have my address from over twenty years ago or an email or username and password for a website or service that doesn't exsit anymore nor do the accounts have any connections to my current snyced services and accounts. Hey, the OS were different the autofill svc was different and i certainly did not have a smartphone back then. and some of these odd settings would sync to my smartphone even specifically keep sync off. it drives me insane. I would do searches on the web for solutions for drivers. I find pages from 2007 that don't help are only results. I do the same search at my sister's on a different computer but same search engine and find I what I am looking for. Without a VPN running I would suddenly on received results from another country even though it is all in english. I scroll all the way to the end of the search and see that my location has been changed to somewhere else or my language preference is Portuguese (I only know English (USA) ... I really need help securing my PC. I disconnected smart devices at my former apartment because I would hear Google assistant giving responses when nothing was said by me and i am alone and the TV is not on. example "OK Playing your playlist <Playlist Name> on Spotify" HOW The HELL is that happening? I don't know what to do? I have done a minor benchmark and I would see two computer names. the same report that night showed me that there were 10 devices connected to me ... I could only see MAC address but they looked like aliases because they all had a similar syntax in the address like **FF:0c:*** I don't see the Windows OS logo when I start my laptop... any other person's PC that I have used even other HPs I see the the logo.
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